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Dynetics leading the way on developing high-tech solutions for space operations

Dynetics, which has been headquartered in Huntsville since the company’s founding in 1974, continues to emerge as an international leader in the space industry.

A high-technology solutions company with impressive portfolios in the aerospace and defense sector, Dynetics on Wednesday announced a partnership with Hypergiant, an artificial intelligence (AI) products and solutions company.

According to a release, the partnership will deliver modern, agile and efficient space mission solutions for government and commercial customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As Amazon Partner Network (APN) members, the Hypergiant and Dynetics teams are leveraging the AWS cloud in the areas of AI, machine learning, analytics, Internet of Things and AWS Ground Station to deliver mission and payload on-demand services.

These services will support current space ecosystem customers and also open up opportunities for new participants in the soaring space economy.

The first evolution of this partnership between Dynetics and the Texas-based company will involve the development of an integrated set of services that will support Hypergiant’s planned missions utilizing their Slingshot deployment system and NASA’s International Space Station infrastructure.

In a statement, Hypergiant founder and chief executive officer Ben Lamm advised, “Now that space-mission hardware costs are being reduced, our ability to get more data, more often, is rapidly increasing.”

“People need a way to get that data more efficiently and to interpret it more effectively. That’s why we entered into this partnership with Dynetics: smarter, more cost-effective solutions for space data to all companies,” he concluded.

Dynetics brings over a decade of human spaceflight experience, as well as significant satellite development and deployment experience, to the partnership. The Alabama company also benefits from 45 years of exemplary work in systems engineering, analytics and hardware and software development.

Jonathan Pettus, Dynetics vice president of Strategic Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology, explained, “Demand for these solutions continues to increase from civil space, defense, and national intelligence agencies.”

“Our rich experience with US DoD, NASA, and various commercial aerospace companies provides a unique value proposition with Hypergiant while also utilizing AWS to deliver flexible, cost-effective, and secure solutions in-line with the customers’ needs,” Pettus added.

Additionally, the Hypergiant and Dynetics partnership allows for significant cost-savings to organizations that have requirements to operate in space while avoiding using their own significant capital investments in mission and payload operations services. Companies will be able to focus on the core business purposes of their important mission.

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Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn