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DeMarco: Alabama congressional delegation should lead the call for Biden administration top advisors resignations

This past week will go down as one of, if not the worst, blunders by an American president in history.

The ongoing withdrawal by President Joe Biden from Afghanistan has drawn worldwide scorn as Americans and allies have been stranded in the country surrounded by the Taliban, a group the United States had fought for nearly 20 years after September 11, 2001.

Alabama citizens died on 9/11 and Alabama soldiers died in the war on terror. Actually, the first American killed in combat was Alabama CIA agent Johnny Micheal Spann.

Now there is the threat of new terror attacks against United States citizens due to the decisions made by President Biden and his top advisors. Americans abroad and at home are in danger because of the decisions of this administration.

President Biden’s term in office is another three years, thus it is incumbent that this Nation have confidence in its military and diplomatic leaders. Alabama families have sacrificed too much in the past to continue down the current path. Our state has contributed much to the defense of this nation during the War on Terror and will continue to provide more soldiers and sailors in the future. Because of our state’s important role in defending this country, our leaders in Washington, D.C. now must lead the calls for new leadership in the current administration.

Thus, Alabama’s United States Representatives and Senators must ask for the resignation of those leaders in the Biden administration responsible for the tragic events in Afghanistan. These leaders could have prevented the unmitigated disaster that is occurring in Afghanistan and their actions have emboldened our enemies. And of course, President Biden, the commander in chief, must be held accountable by the American people for his poor decisions this past week that have now lead to the attacks and the death of American soldiers.

We need bold and decisive leadership in the nation’s capital now to keep the United States safe in the future and hold those accountable for the chaos in Afghanistan.

Paul DeMarco is a former member of the Alabama House of Representatives