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Del Marsh releases campaign ad: ‘The government’s job is to stay out of yours’

Del Marsh released a new campaign ad on Tuesday.

The ad, titled ‘Government’s Job,’ touts Marsh’s record of job creation as a successful small businessman.

Marsh, who currently serves as president pro tem of the Alabama Senate, is shown throughout the ad in various industrial settings talking about his philosophy on the role of government in the economy.


Marsh closes the ad saying, “I believe the government’s job is to stay out of yours. I’m Del Marsh. I believe in low taxes and ending nonsense regulations. Because your hard work should pay off.”

Marsh’s use of the industrial imagery in the ad would seem to fit with his background and experience.

Yellowhammer News described Marsh this way in its 2018 Power and Influence 50 feature:

Del Marsh is the kind of public servant for which the current electorate craves and our founding fathers envisioned. Marsh originally ran for office simply because his state senator was not responsive to the needs of small business.

Once elected, Marsh became a tireless advocate for smaller government. He is as comfortable in a tree stand as he is a committee room and feels as much at home in his machine shop fabricating gun parts as he does working in a boardroom.

Marsh represents Senate District 12 in Calhoun and Talladega Counties.