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Congressman Bradley Byrne believes Democrats’ goal is the repeal of the 2nd Amendment and ties them to Sen. Doug Jones

Last week’s non-David Hogg related gun news consisted of different entities declaring a need to repeal the 2nd Amendment, followed by savvy Democrats and the media allies declaring no one wants to end the 2nd Amendment. Alabama Senator Doug Jones was asked about the current state of the gun debate, and he said a gun ban is not “feasible right now”. I asked Congressman Bradley Byrne what he thought Democrats wanted to do with gun rights.

“I think very definitely want to repeal the 2nd Amendment,” said Byrne. “I think they understand with the 2nd Amendment in place they cannot do some of the things they keep saying they want to do because the Constitution doesn’t allow it. And I think they are going to continue to push for that. It is becoming the mainstream Democrat position.”

Why this matters: Later on, Byrne mentioned Sen. Jones in his comments saying that Jones “favors gun control over Constitutional rights”. Jones and most Alabama Democrats would not appreciate that comment because they need to convince Alabama voters that there is a massive difference between the national Democrat Party and Alabama Democrats. But the reality is quite simple, over one-third of the Democrat base wants to repeal the right to bear arms and 82 percent want to ban semi-automatic pistols and rifles, even if the betters would prefer we not notice.

Listen to the whole interview here:

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