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Colin Cowherd says SEC has ‘winning’ strategy — ‘This is a health crisis. You manage it, you don’t panic’

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd pointed to the SEC’s plan as the winning strategy for college football’s major conferences in navigating the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Cowherd also spoke at length on his Tuesday radio show about his belief that unjustified panic from sports media members has made the situation more difficult.

“The media too often seeks negative over positive, never considers the ramifications of business, that’s why many people in the media are losing their jobs now,” he remarked. “I believe this entire COVID is managing it, trying to find the bright lights and the silver clouds. It’s a pandemic. We’re in the middle of it. It’s difficult. Don’t panic.”

He asserted that excessive negativity has colored much of the reporting in sports.

“I am seeking people that give me good information that don’t panic,” said Cowherd. “I have seen so much panicking in the media, and that doesn’t solve anything.”

Using several instances in sports this summer, the longtime sports radio host outlined his belief that overreaction in sports has been the rule, so far.

One example, he said, was the NFL’s decision to proceed with the draft.

“A reporter at the other network said, ‘There will be blood in the streets’ if you hold the draft,” explained Cowherd.

The result, according to Cowherd, was the most entertaining NFL draft ever.

“The NFL just managed it,” he said. “They didn’t panic.”

Cowherd rattled off NASCAR, professional golf, UFC, and major league baseball as having effectively managed their situations after numerous positive tests.

“Baseball had some positive tests,” he said. “What happened? The media panicked and said you should cancel the season.

“What have we seen over and over in this: media panicking.”

Citing an ESPN report that Big Ten coaches and athletics directors are furious at the conference for prematurely canceling the season, Cowherd held the SEC out as having taken the correct approach in determining whether it should play.

“We’re managing our way through this, and aggressive is winning,” conveyed Cowherd. “Petrified, panic, stay home, that’s not winning. Hiding is not winning. I’m just talking sports, what has worked through this is not expecting perfection, understanding you are going to have positive tests, social distancing, mask wearing, bubbles or semi-bubbles wherever it’s possible and work your way through it. This is a health crisis. You manage it, you don’t panic, you find the silver lining, you figure out how to keep people working.

“Maybe the Big Ten made a massive mistake. Aggressive is winning. Managing this thing is winning.”

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