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Carl: Where is President Biden?

I’m a firm believer that when the President of the United States – whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican – does well, the American people benefit. Regardless of party, we should all pray for guidance, wisdom and leadership from our president, as well as all elected officials.

Unfortunately, as I look back over President Biden’s first year in office, I ask myself, “Where is President Biden, and where is his leadership?” President Biden ran for office claiming he would be a president for all Americans, but I’m afraid he has fallen far short of delivering on this promise.

There’s so much about President Biden’s job performance this past year that absolutely frustrates me, but what frustrates me the most is his failure to do anything to secure our border and protect the safety of Americans across this country. I’ve been to the border myself, and what I saw down there is beyond disturbing. Not only are people flooding across our border each and every day, but also illegal drugs are pouring into our communities all across this country.

When my father was a kid, he sold newspapers in the streets of Oklahoma City. He and his friends would fight over the most profitable street corners to sell their papers. Now, instead of fighting over which street corner to sell newspapers from, kids are killing one another to sell these illegal drugs coming across our wide-open borders.

My personal observation is these inner-city killings are primarily against minority communities. Where is the outrage for these children? Our communities are being flooded with illegal drugs being brought in left and right across the southern border, but my Democratic colleagues and the Biden administration are completely silent.

These drugs are poisoning our young people and destroying countless families. I truly believe President Biden cares about the lives being lost due to these illegal drugs and the violence that comes with them. But where is he? Why isn’t President Biden showing any leadership on this issue? I’ve continued to ask President Biden one simple question, and I’ll continue to ask it until I get an answer: Mr. President, what is your plan to address the drug crisis which is a direct result of our wide-open border?

This is an American issue affecting every community and every family across this country. There are simple, commonsense solutions to fix this problem, and I’m begging President Biden to sit down at the table and work across the aisle with us to secure our southern border and STOP the follow of illegal drugs into our communities. Let’s build the wall NOW and protect our country.

Mr. President, please hear my plea. Now is the time to take action and be the leader America needs.

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.

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