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Carl: President Biden uses disinformation to distract from leadership failures

For months now, I have been making the point that liberal politicians in Washington love creating crisis after crisis to distract the American people from what’s really happening. We’ve seen this time and time again with the Biden administration – each time something has gone wrong, the administration has stirred up a new crisis to draw everyone’s attention to something new. The crisis at our southern border is a perfect example of this, and last week President Biden’s disinformation crusade was on full display.

Images of U.S. Border Patrol agents supposedly “whipping” Haitian immigrants last week stirred up a media frenzy, and the Biden administration leaned into this false narrative to distract from the real problems at the border and the administration’s failed policies. The liberal media, who obviously know nothing about horses, claimed agents were using whips to stop migrants from entering the country.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the president and his administration were “horrified by the photos of the Border Patrol officers and that behavior.” The truth is agents were twirling their rains to direct the horses to follow their commands, but the Biden administration wants the American people focused on a fake cultural outrage crisis rather than an actual one impacting the safety and security of our nation.

Unlike President Biden, I’ve been to the border to see the issues firsthand. While I was there, I sat down with numerous Border Patrol agents to ask them what they deal with on a daily basis and how Congress could help them. Their responses were very clear: Finish building the wall and get us more help. These are two simple, straightforward solutions to significantly improve our border security, but President Biden has done the exact opposite. One of his first actions in office was stopping the building of the wall, and now instead of giving Border Patrol agents the resources they desperately need, he is saying he will “make them pay!” for doing their job.

Folks in South Alabama have enough common sense to know the truth, despite President Biden’s attempts to smear law enforcement officials and distract from the border crisis he’s created. Let’s move past this fake crisis and get the border under control. We are a nation of law and order. Without a secure border, we cannot protect the health, safety and security of Americans. It’s time to finish the wall, give our Border Patrol agents the resources they need, and get our southern border secure.

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.

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