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Carl: Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar big government spending package is bad for South Alabama

For the past few months, Democrats in Congress have been working to pass a massive spending package that would result in an unprecedented expansion of the federal government, while increasing taxes on middle class Americans and driving up prices for everything from fuel to groceries. The House has not yet been able to agree on the specific framework for this package – which would be President Biden’s signature legislative achievement – but they have released several proposals they’d like to see included in this package.

Many of you called my office about one of the worst proposals of all, which would beef up the IRS with nearly 90,000 agents so they can spy on daily transactions in your bank account. For perspective, this many IRS agents could fill South Alabama’s new football stadium more than 3 times over. Thanks to so many people just like you across America calling their representatives, it looks like there’s a chance we can prevent this proposal from ever getting signed into law. While we haven’t seen the final bill text yet, I have been encouraged to see so many people fight back against this big government overreach and push back on this outrageous proposal.

There are many other huge issues with this package, but liberals in Congress are doing their best to conceal the truth from the American people and pass this package without anyone noticing how bad it really is for this country. I’ve spent some time looking through this package, and I’ve pulled out just a few of the major problems I have with it.

In addition to increasing taxes on the middle class, this would also increase the cost of prescription medications and kill medical innovation. It would set aside $8 billion for a Civilian Climate Corps, which would be a big government program to pay people to be climate police. It would also remove the Hyde Amendment, which is a historically bipartisan agreement to prevent taxpayer dollars from going to perform or promote abortions. The assault on family values isn’t done there, though. This package would also force faith-based childcare providers out of business. Meanwhile, $100 billion would go to granting amnesty to more than 8 million illegal immigrants, while opening our border even wider.

The only person who really benefits from this massive spending package is Nancy Pelosi because she has managed to sneak in $200 million for a pet project in her district. Overall, this package is a terrible deal for my district and for the country as a whole. Thankfully, the American people are smart and will not let liberals in Congress mortgage the future of this country. As negotiations around this big government spending bill continue, I will fight it every step of the way because more government, more spending, and higher taxes are the last thing we need.

Jerry Carl represents Alabama’s First Congressional District. He lives in Mobile with his wife Tina.

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