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Byrne visits border, finds Dem allegations about ICE conduct ‘absolutely not based in fact’

Yellowhammer News on Monday evening spoke with Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-01) about his trip to the United States’ border with Mexico, with the congressman praising American law enforcement efforts while slamming Democratic and mainstream media portrayals of how asylum seekers are being treated.

Calling in from El Paso, TX, after a long day, Byrne shared what he saw and heard firsthand through meeting with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials at the border, touring a port of entry and visiting an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility.

Byrne stressed that recent claims by elected Democrats and some members of the mainstream media about the situation at the border were totally false based on his personal experiences and interactions on Monday.

The first part of Byrne’s day was spent with CBP agents just outside of El Paso, with the congressman getting to observe real demonstrations of how they apprehend illegal immigrants entering the country at the border, also learning how these individuals are then detained and housed.

Byrne was joined on the trip by two Democratic House colleagues. The coastal Alabama congressman had nothing but praise regarding his interactions with CBP agents and observations of their conduct during the visit.

“Everybody asked them the hard questions about, ‘Have you done this? Have you done that?’ Absolute, hard denials,” Byrne said.

However, they did not just have CBP’s word to rely on. Members of the American military were on hand to confirm CBP’s accounts.

“We also talked later on in the day with U.S. Army personnel that are working with [CBP], and our U.S. Army personnel verified everything that the [CBP] personnel were telling us,” he advised. “I think if there was a deviation the Army officers would have told us.”

During his visit to a port of entry in El Paso, Byrne explained that he was walked through the process of searching vehicles for unauthorized persons and contraband. However, he said he also learned of an unexpected reality that CBP agents have to contend with on a daily basis.

“[T]here is a group that has threatened to charge that port of entry,” Byrne told Yellowhammer News. “They (CBP) actually have a plan working with our Army personnel there [as to] how they can close that point of entry with physical barriers and literally have [CBP] agents on the front line and the Army personnel on the back line.”

‘I’m infuriated’

After meeting separately with Army personnel about their role in stemming the border security crisis and how it is affecting military readiness, Byrne traveled to an ICE detention facility.

There, he spoke with asylum lawyers about the claim adjudication process before touring the facility, including its cafeteria, infirmary and women’s dormitory.

“The one takeaway I have from this is that the allegations against the governmental officials involved with the border by the mainstream media and far-left politicians are absolutely not based in fact,” Byrne emphasized. “And I’m infuriated by the unfounded accusations that have been made against them. They are doing everything they can to treat these people with the utmost care and the utmost kindness.”

He reflected on telling members of his group while walking during the day through the ICE detention facility that “it was a heck of a lot nicer than the penitentiaries in Alabama” that Byrne has toured.

Byrne said the sleeping quarters in the facility were air-conditioned, the food was more than adequate and detainees have access to televisions and even I-Pads.

“They are very well taken care of,” he added.

Byrne then explained to Yellowhammer News that he was calling from a nongovernmental organization (NGO) responsible for temporarily housing asylum seekers after they are released from ICE custody but before they are located with a sponsor family somewhere around the country.

“I’m sitting here right now in this room with a bunch of children that have been in detention and just been released,” Byrne said. “And they look like well-fed, healthy, normal children. None of these children have been abused — you can tell by looking at them.”

“So, all these stories we’re hearing are absolutely false,” he continued. “And they’ve been told to try to shore up a narrative that is aimed at nothing more than trying to discredit President Trump and nothing more than to try and open our borders completely and have no control at all. And I am infuriated about that, because members of Congress should never do that.”

While Byrne noted that his group was not allowed to speak with the asylum seekers being detained in the ICE facility during the tour, his observations of the detainees were more than enough.

“You can watch people [and tell],” he remarked.

“There were some people being held temporarily in the port of entry [holding facility], and we walked through there and saw them, and we saw the people at the healthcare facility in the ICE facility, and these people are being well taken care of,” Byrne outlined. “There’s just absolutely no question about it.”

“And if there was some abuse going on, I think our U.S. Army officers would have told us because I asked them point-blank,” Byrne added. “I said, ‘Are these people (CBP and ICE) as professional as they seem?’ And the Army officers said, ‘Absolutely, they are very professional. We enjoy working with them. They are doing the best job they can do.’ With the lack of resources they’ve had. Because the Democrats have not listened to the Trump administration about the need for more funding for border issues.”

‘The wall works’

Yellowhammer News then referenced a picture from the visit to the border that Byrne had posted to his congressional Twitter account earlier in the day, which shows a physical barrier that runs along the border.

Byrne explained that CBP agents told him that barriers work in areas like El Paso, emphasizing that walls are more effective than fences in keeping illegal aliens and bad actors out.

“We all asked bunches of question about the wall, and they (CBP agents around El Paso) have a wall and in certain places they have a fence,” Byrne advised. “The fence is not as effective as the wall because the coyotes will come up with bolt cutters and cut open the fence. But the actual wall, the steel and concrete walls, they can’t do that. So, they (CBP) said that [the wall] has made their jobs easier, and it’s made both sides of the border far safer.”

“So clearly, at least in some places, the wall works,” Byrne reiterated. “We heard that over and over again.”

He has been a consistent supporter of President Donald Trump’s calls to build a wall where warranted along the U.S.-Mexico border. However, these efforts have been stifled by Democrats in Congress, like Senator Doug Jones (D-AL).

Byrne told Yellowhammer News that Democrats are so dug in against the wall mainly based on partisanship rather than public policy.

“I think for them it’s like a symbol — the president made a big deal out of it in his campaign. So, that made it a symbol for them. Anything they associate with President Trump, they’re against,” Byrne decried. “So, it’s part of their resistance to the president.”

Byrne shared that at one point during the visit, while traveling along the border between a CBP checkpoint and the port of entry, he and his group actually saw illegal aliens run across a section of the border that did not have a physical barrier.

“It is extremely difficult to keep people from crossing the border,” he noted. “They (CBP) can apprehend them [afterward], but it’s extremely difficult to stop them altogether [without a wall].”

‘They’re clearly gaming the system’

And, even after being apprehended, most individuals then apply for asylum and more often than not disappear into the United States without a trace because of a broken system.

“These people do not stay here in El Paso,” he advised. “In fact, I’m told by the man who operates the facility I’m sleeping in that within 96 hours, they are out of here. And they go to everywhere in the country [imaginable]. And we know they come to Alabama.”

“Some of them are completely innocent after they get here, hardworking people — I get all that,” Byrne stated. “But they’re all here illegally. And too many of them commit crimes.”

He referenced the 2018 death of Mobile’s Sonya Jones at the hands of an illegal alien who had skipped his asylum hearing altogether after being released from an initial detention facility.

“We were told that here in El Paso 76% of them don’t show up to their hearings,” Byrne detailed. “And 90% of them are not successful in their hearings. They’re clearly gaming the system. That’s to the detriment of everybody in America, and it’s to the detriment of everybody in Alabama.”

“We’ve got to make a significant change to the asylum law, the asylum legal process,” he added.

Byrne hopes this is an area where bipartisan consensus can be had, also remarking that the Democrats on the Monday trip with him agree on the need for increased funding for more staffing, equipment, facilities, technology and resources for CBP and ICE.

However, the sticking point of the wall remains. He said he reiterated this to the Democrats on the trip, just as he previously has to many of his colleagues on the other side of the aisle.

“They tell me they would like to have a bipartisan agreement on immigration, and I’ve agreed with them that we need to do that,” Byrne told Yellowhammer News. “But I said we’re not going to get that without a wall. And I’m trying to impress upon them that there will be no deal without a wall.”

He said the belief in the need for the wall is much more widespread than just Trump, trickling down to rank-and-file Republicans — a fact Byrne believes Democrats still need to get their heads around. Yet, firsthand experience leave no doubt as to the factual necessity of a wall, he said.

“If you come here and you see it for yourself, it’s undeniable,” Byrne emphasized.

‘So proud … so impressed’

For now, though, law enforcement officials and military personnel at the border must do without.

Byrne, throughout the conversation, spoke glowingly of CBP’s job performance, especially being that they are understaffed and in dire need of more resources.

“I think they’re doing an outstanding job, both with the apprehensions and with what they do with these people once they apprehend them,” he stressed. “I’m just so impressed by the professionalism of the [CBP and ICE] agents, and I’m so proud of what the United States Army and the Army National Guard is doing here in partnership with them.”

“They’re doing the right things here with the resources that they’ve got and with the laws that they’ve got. We’ve just got to do a better job in Washington of supporting them by giving them better laws and more resources,” Byrne concluded.

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Doug Jones on Trump impeachment inquiry: ‘Not a witch hunt … not a hoax, it’s not fake news’

Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) continues to say he has not made up his mind one way or the other on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, however on Thursday he made it very clear that he believes in the need for the process to play out, pushing back on Republican arguments that this is a political exercise by Democrats.

Per WHNT, Jones in a conference call with reporters on Thursday once again noted his role essentially as a juror in the Senate if the House impeaches the president. Jones has said it would be improper for him or any of his colleagues to have made up their minds on whether they would vote to convict Trump already, as the trial needs to be held, evidence examined and witnesses heard from.

Yet, Alabama’s junior senator did seem to land on one side of the aisle when it comes to his remarks on the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the House, which was launched with no Republicans voting for it and even two Democrats voting against it.


“Everything that you’re seeing, though, is not a witch hunt. It’s not a hoax, it’s not fake news,” Jones said, according to WHNT.

“This is a serious constitutional matter the founders of this country envisioned a long time ago,” he added. “This is not about an individual. It is not about one person. It is about the conduct of the presidency and how we want future presidents to conduct themselves while in office.”

Republicans across the nation — including many Alabama elected officials — have sharply criticized the impeachment inquiry.

In a statement to WHNT, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL) — well respected as one of the country’s preeminent statesmen — shared a divergent view from Jones on the impeachment inquiry.

“This effort to impeach the President is a political circus engineered by the Democrats, distracting us from the important work we need to complete for the American people,” Shelby stated.

“If and when an impeachment resolution comes to the Senate, I will sit as a juror and carefully consider any evidence presented to reach a conclusion based on the facts – as outlined in our Constitution,” Alabama’s senior senator concluded.

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Tagovailoa on injury recovery odds: ‘Bible says walk by faith and not by sight’

University of Alabama star quarterback Tua Tagovailoa held a press conference on Thursday in Tuscaloosa, answering a wide range of questions on topics such as being injured last month against Mississippi State; his decision making process related to whether he will leave for the NFL Draft or not; and what his recovery prospects look like.

After beginning the press conference with a seeming impersonation of Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban, Tagovailoa began answering questions, many similar to ones he addressed earlier this week on whether he will opt to enter the NFL Draft or come back to UA for his senior season.

He described the immediate moments after he injured his right hip — when he was still down lying on the field. The QB called the injury “traumatic” and explained that since he was also concussed, it was essentially a blur other than remembering he was in significant pain.


Tagovailoa was soon thereafter asked what it is like now, not knowing whether he will truly be able to recover from the injury after surgery — or play football at or near the level he is accustomed to.

The Hawaii native, who has never been shy to speak about his deep faith in God, gave a very frank answer.

“I firmly believe in the Bible, and the Bible says you walk by faith and not by sight. So, that’s pretty much what I’m holding onto — just trusting the good Lord. He’s the best doctor for me and what I believe in,” Tagovailoa said. “I feel this is something that is bigger than me.”

He also expressed his confidence in the many medical professionals and athletic training staff helping him throughout the process.

Dr. Lyle Cain, Bama’s team orthopedic surgeon from Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Clinic at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, has previously said that Tagovailoa’s “prognosis is excellent” after the surgery, which the doctor called “successful.”

“[W]e expect him to make a full recovery,” Cain added.

Tagovailoa on Thursday added, “I feel like I’ll still be able to come back 100% and be able to play to the capability that I’m able to play at.”

He concluded the press conference by noting he is now probably facing “the biggest decision” of his life when it comes to staying at UA or leaving.

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Tuberville campaign offering plastic straws as stocking stuffers — ‘Can you believe Democrats won’t even say Merry Christmas?’

Former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville, currently a Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, on Thursday took on Democrats on two issues unique to the times.

First, his online campaign store is now selling plastic straws with “Tuberville 2020” printed on them as stocking stuffers, per a Facebook post. This comes amid the national movement towards paper straws from the left. Plastic straws are even being banned from restaurant usage in Democrat controlled cities like Seattle and Washington, D.C., as well as the state of California.

“While liberals are banning straws, we’re making them the perfect stocking gift for Christmas! Show your support for Coach Tuberville this Christmas season,” his campaign posted.

Additionally, the very premise of saying “Merry Christmas” — or celebrating it at all– is once again making the rounds on social media after Salon in recent days published an article from one of its “reporters” about how President Donald Trump supposedly “ruined” Christmas. In this article, this reporter claims she will now not celebrate the holiday because of Trump and his supporters, asserting that Christmas has become symbolic of “white supremacist America.”


“Can you believe Democrats won’t even say Merry Christmas?” Tuberville lamented to conclude his Facebook post.

This came on the day of the annual National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony on the Ellipse at President’s Park in front of the White House.


Trump is also set to hold at least one “Merry Christmas rally” this month.

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Rogers: ‘Nancy Pelosi has fully surrendered all control of the House to the Socialist horde’

In a Thursday statement, Congressman Mike Rogers (AL-03) blasted U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to proceed with articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

“Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders and our heart full of love for America, today, I am asking our chairmen (of relevant committees) to proceed with articles of impeachment,” Pelosi announced in a brief televised statement from the Capitol earlier in the day.

Rogers tore into the announcement.

“Even after all of Adam Schiff’s disastrous lies to the American people, Speaker Pelosi has decided to proceed with the partisan coup attempt against President Trump,” he stated. “The Democrats in Congress should be ashamed of themselves. They are using impeachment as means to try and nullify the 2016 election and erase the votes of almost 63 million Americans just because of their pathetic hatred of our president.”


“In her statement, Speaker Pelosi cited our Founding Fathers and declared no one is above the law,” Rogers continued. “I am curious if she ever asked that question about Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden?”

The east Alabama congressman outlined a few of the important priorities Democrats are ignoring to instead conduct this “coup attempt.”

“Instead of working on behalf of the American people by passing a bipartisan Defense Authorization bill, USMCA or a full year spending bill, Nancy Pelosi has fully surrendered all control of the House to the Socialist horde running the Democratic Party,” Rogers concluded. “Their shameful action today casts a stain on our Constitution. The American people will remember their despicable behavior next November. I will continue to stand and defend President Trump.”

Former independent prosecutor Ken Starr, best known for leading the investigation into then-President Bill Clinton that resulted in his impeachment, appeared on Fox News Channel on Thursday and decried Pelosi’s decision as an “abuse of power.”

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Alabama Power, C Spire announce broadband partnership coming to Birmingham area

BIRMINGHAM — More broadband services will soon be coming to Alabamians in the Birmingham metropolitan area, including parts of Shelby County, thanks to Alabama Power Company and C Spire.

At a Thursday press conference at Regions Field, a new partnership was announce between the two companies similar to one they announced in Jasper last month.

Alabama Power’s existing fiber infrastructure will be used for what is called “the middle mile,” while C Spire will in some areas build out “the last mile,” which is an industry term meaning the final portion connecting the service to a consumer’s residence or business (the length is not always a mile or even close to it — it can be a matter of feet or several miles).

Executives from both companies attended the press conference, along with Alabama Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed (R-Jasper), Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin and Jasper Mayor David O’Mary.


Tony Smoke, Birmingham division vice president for Alabama Power, said that even though the company itself is not the broadband service provider, Alabama Power is proud to be able to help bring the service to their customers — as “customers are at the center” of everything they do.

“We are thrilled to welcome C Spire to Birmingham and other parts of our state,” Smoke stated, saying being able to provide this type of positive economic impact “is what we’re all about.”

“We are committed to communities across our state,” he emphasized, explaining that even in northern areas of Alabama where the company does not provide electric services, Alabama Power still actively helps with economic development projects. “We do this because we care about Alabama. Our employees are in these cities, are in these communities. They live there. So, this kind of project … is huge for our employees, huge for our communities. We are proud and honored to serve in that role.”

“It may be a pun, but we do believe that fiber infrastructure helps us have better connections with our communities and makes our communities stronger,” he added.

This type of partnership, in which a broadband provider can utilize an electric utility’s existing infrastructure and right-of-ways, was made possible through legislation championed by the likes of the Alabama Rural Broadband Coalition this past session — HB 400, which was sponsored by State Rep. Randall Shedd (R-Cullman) and championed by Reed. Additionally, SB 90 was passed to expand eligibility for and update a state grant program for broadband expansion.

“I’m proud of the role we played in creating this opportunity for Alabama communities,” Reed said. “But I am even prouder of the partnerships that we have forged with C Spire, Alabama Power and others and the investment they are making in our state. That investment will pay dividends for consumers and businesses.”

He emphasized the importance of high-speed internet access to the present and future success of the state.

“If Alabama is going to be everything we want her to be economically, we must include all the areas of our state in that boon — in that opportunity and that growth,” Reed stressed. “And as we’ve seen Alabama’s economy be super strong, it is not as strong in certain urban areas, it is not as strong in some rural areas. And some of the reason [for that] is because we don’t have internet services … it’s a must for us to be able to move Alabama forward.”

Reed and O’Mary both touched on the fact that while Jasper is certainly a very different size and type of city than Birmingham, they are bonded together because they both face a “digital divide.”

Woodfin explained that while many people assume all of the City of Birmingham has ideal internet access, that is simply not the case. Reed reiterated this and said this applies to other larger population centers across the state, as well as more rural areas.

“You would think in certain areas of the state where you have [interstate] highways and the like, that there would be easy access to the internet superhighway. That’s not always the case,” Reed commented.

“As I’ve said before, no matter where they live, every single student, family, worker and business owner in Alabama should have access to fast, reliable internet that allows them to thrive in the 21st-century economy,” he added. “It’s through partnerships like this one that we are working to make that a reality.”

C Spire is a privately-held Mississippi-based telecommunications and technology company, with no affiliation with the gas company Spire. C Spire’s president and CEO Hu Meena spoke during the press conference and with members of the media after the event.

Meena encouraged other municipal leaders from across the Birmingham area and Alabama as a whole to reach out to them to express their desire to have the company come in and offer broadband services.

The company will offer all-fiber Gigabit speed broadband internet access and related services to homes and businesses in Alabama beginning in 2020, and Meena stressed that exact service locations and timelines will primarily be determined by customer demand. Meena said another announcement will be coming on how municipal leaders — and potential customers — can express their interest in the services.

“Today is a big day in the life of our company,” Meena stated. “While we’ve had a presence in southern Alabama (Mobile) for decades and our Alabama headquarters are here in the Birmingham area, we plan to make our all-fiber broadband services available to homes and businesses across the state next year.”

C Spire is looking for areas of Alabama enthusiastic about broadband services, similar to the high level of interest expressed by both O’Mary and Woodfin.

“The communities that want this game-changing infrastructure and services the most will get it first,” Meena explained.

Woodfin certainly showed his enthusiasm during his speech, as well as beforehand — energetically making his way throughout the standing-room-only crowd and thanking seemingly each and every person for attending.

“This is a great investment in the future of Birmingham and our metro area,” Woodfin said at the podium.

The Magic City mayor delivered powerful remarks on how important high-speed broadband services are to not just the modern digital economy but to quality of life in general — as well as other areas like education.

“In Birmingham, we are committed to creating an inclusive economy that provides the best opportunities in education, workforce development and entrepreneurship for everyone,” Woodfin advised, noting that technology investment and broadband infrastructure by C Spire are critical to the city’s economic future.

Reed added that especially in rural areas, broadband is increasingly important for healthcare through telemedicine.

“The city of Birmingham has always been a city of builders,” Woodfin concluded, saying that this partnership in building out fiber infrastructure is just the latest example.

For more information about C Spire’s broadband plans in Alabama, click here.

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