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Business Council of Alabama announces resignation of Katie Boyd Britt

The Business Council of Alabama (BCA) announced Tuesday that Katie Boyd Britt is resigning from her position as president and CEO. Britt has been at the helm of the organization for more than two years and has led it through some of the most challenging days for Alabama businesses in recent memory.

BCA chairman Gary Smith lauded Britt’s work for businesses of every size and sector and for the fact that she left the organization in a better position.

“Today’s BCA is focused on advancing a 21st century economy in which all Alabamians can thrive,” said Smith, president and CEO of PowerSouth, in a statement from BCA. “We will miss Katie’s leadership and energy on behalf of hardworking Alabama families and job creators; however, she leaves BCA having improved the organization and our state. I have no doubt that BCA’s future is bright, as is Alabama’s. We all wish Katie the very best in her future endeavors.”

Smith expressed that the entirety of the organization’s board of directors and leadership team was unified in its gratitude for Britt’s service.

Prior to Britt taking command of BCA in January 2019, BCA had seen significant membership losses and questions about the direction of the state’s largest business organization.

In addition, shutdowns and restrictions for Alabama businesses in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the state’s economy in ways never seen before.

“One of my greatest prides at BCA has been bringing the previously forgotten back into the fold – our small businesses on Main Street, and the rural businesses and industry that are the heart beats of local communities in every corner of our great state,” stated Britt.

Britt drove the BCA’s “Keep Alabama Open” effort last year when it appeared the federal government may try to institute national lockdowns on businesses. She also hosted the Small Business Exchange on Alabama Public Television last spring. The event was designed to help Alabama small businesses understand the process of applying for federal stimulus funding under the CARES Act.

“We have relentlessly fought for the things that matter most to hardworking Alabamians trying to earn livelihoods, build lives and raise families,” Britt emphasized. “Certainly, some of our toughest, yet most rewarding, battles have come the past year during the pandemic. We helped lead the successful charge to Keep Alabama Open, and spearheaded the push to protect businesses from frivolous COVID lawsuits.”

Britt has been exploring the possibility of a U.S. Senate candidacy, with an announcement potentially coming soon.

In the meantime, Smith announced that BCA has tapped former Blue Cross Blue Shield executive Robin Stone to serve in an interim leadership role.

“Katie will be difficult to replace, but we are fortunate that Robin Stone has agreed to serve as Interim Executive Director of BCA while our leadership selects a permanent replacement in the President’s role,” Smith added. “Robin is veteran of service in the business community and will provide solid leadership and a smooth transition.”

Stone served a 14-year term as vice president of Government Relations for the company.

Tim Howe is an owner of Yellowhammer Multimedia