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Britt introduces legislation to increase oversight on US-China tech agreements

Sen. Katie Britt is continuing her work to combat Chinese influence within the United States.

This time she has introduced the Science and Technology Agreement Enhanced Congressional Notification Act, which is designed to grow oversight on science and technology agreements (STAs) that are made or have been made between the United States and China.

“It is simply common sense that proper congressional oversight be conducted over any science and technology agreement the United States makes with the Chinese Communist Party,” Britt (R-Montgomery) said. “(China) is our greatest geopolitical and national security threat, and everything they do is as our adversary.

“The FBI has said that they open a new counterintelligence case against China about twice per day. From stealing our intellectual property and spying on our children through TikTok, to buying up American farmland and engaging in unfair trade practices that undercut Alabama steel makers and shrimpers, we must hold the CCP accountable. We accomplish this through strength, not continued weakness.”

Specifically, the bill prohibits the secretary of state from renewing or extending the STA until providing Congress at least 30 days to review:

• The full text of the agreement

• A detailed justification for the STA, including an explanation as to why such agreement is in the national security interests of the United States

• An assessment of the risks and potential effects of such agreement, including any potential for the transfer under such agreement of technology or intellectual property capable of harming the national security interests of the United States

• A detailed justification for how the Secretary intends to address human rights concerns in any scientific and technology collaboration proposed to be conducted under such agreement

• An assessment of the extent to which the Secretary will be able to continuously monitor the commitments made by the PRC under such agreement.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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