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Breitbart: Del Marsh asks ‘Washington conspiracy, or is it the truth?’ concerning Roy Moore

(Del Marsh/Facebook)



Alabama Senate President Pro-Tem Del Marsh has raised the idea of a “Washington conspiracy” against Judge Roy Moore and says that relentless attacks on the Republican Senate candidate will only serve to solidify his voting base.

Marsh shared his thoughts in a recent interview on the accusations of sexual misconduct against Moore and the demands by leaders in Congress that Moore withdraw from the race.

“Now what we didn’t expect was these allegations from several women about the inappropriate advances of Judge Moore,” Marsh told Breitbart News. “But what I’m hearing on the street on that – and I mean not from guys, but from women – the general statement that I hear from women that talk about it is where were these women 40 years ago, or over the last 40 years? So, I think there are question marks as to is this part of a, I hate to say, Washington conspiracy, or is it the truth? And as long as there’s doubt, I believe people on Election Day who have doubt are going to probably go to support Judge Moore.”

Marsh also predicted that the efforts to force Moore out of the race will not only fail to diminish his support among voters, but may serve to strengthen it.

“They attack Judge Moore from Washington, the establishment – all that is doing, in my opinion, is solidifying his base,” he said. “And quite honestly, as things settle down, I think you’ll see people who perhaps were on the fence also gravitate to Judge Moore versus what they perceive as a liberal Democrat.”

Marsh also said he met with the National Republican Senate Committee in Washington earlier this year on his own interest in seeking the Senate seat. He claimed that party leaders told him they were committed to incumbent Luther Strange and discouraged others from launching their own candidacies.

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