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BREAKING: Bentley impeachment report released

Governor Robert Bentley and senior advisor Rebekah Mason. (Photo: www.hbtv.us)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — The Alabama House Judiciary Committee has released its report detailing the intimacies of his alleged relationship with former staffer Rebeckah Caldwell Mason.

Earlier this week, the Alabama Ethics Commission referred the case against Gov. Robert Bentley (R-Ala.) to the Montgomery Country District Attorney after finding probable cause that he broke various state ethics and campaign laws.

The AEC found there was probable cause that Bentley used public resources for personal interests, received campaign donations outside of restricted time frames, and used campaign funds to pay for the legal fees of former advisor Rebeckah Caldwell Mason.

Bentley denies each allegation.

The governor’s administration has been mired in scandal since Yellowhammer first released audio of him allegedly making sexual advanced towards Mason in 2014. He has repeatedly denied any wrong doing, both moral and legal. Since that time, he has faced state and federal investigations, along with an ongoing impeachment effort by members of the State House of Representatives.

In articles of impeachment filed last year, members of the House charged the governor with neglect of duty, corruption, incompetency, and offenses of moral turpitude. The articles never made it out of the House.

The full House Judiciary Committee report can be read below.

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