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Birmingham nonprofit launches Bible-based video game following the story of David

“The Anointed: David Saves Keilah,” a creation of Birmingham-based nonprofit video game publisher Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive), has been approved to begin distribution on Steam.

Steam is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. IMD Interactive publishes video games and technology to shift attention from traditional media to Bible-based games and content.

This is the first of three video games that follows the life of David, according to IMD Interactive. The nonprofit’s “Anointed” games tell the stories of prominent biblical figures through gameplay, cinematography and scripture.

“Until now, there have not been many options for people that enjoy high quality gaming to explore and learn the Bible this way, we believe this is a space that God is telling us to deliver his Word,” said IMD Interactive President Drayton Cosby. ”Everyone retains information differently, and while gaming is growing at a rapid pace, an overwhelming majority of people are not reading their Bible daily, so we aim to bring God’s Word to where people are.”

The game delivers the narrative of Samuel 1: 22-23 in an interactive game play environment. The player takes on the role of David, a servant and military leader for King Saul who is being hunted by the king and his army.

The game play allows the player to run, climb, scale walls, swing from ropes and ride a horse on their journey to save Keilah. The player will utilize stealth, combat and strategy to carry out God’s plan to save His people from the Philistines.

Carlo Romano, IMD Interactive chief operating officer and head of Interactive, touched on the nonprofit’s goal of delivering an informative and meaningful game.

“We are a small team, but we’re determined to bring an immersive game that helps the player connect better to David,” said Romano. “We hope that after playing as David, that people will go study his story.”

IMD Interactive chief technology officer Matt Clark said he was thankful to being gifted with programming skills to develop a game for a higher calling.

“God always equips the called, but I never expected to be so excited about my calling,” said Clark. “I pray we can reach this generation where they are and show them that God is always right there with them.”

The DSK Steam store page’s launch comes on the heels of a test event at the Magic City ePlex.

Players must be 13 years of age or older to access the DSK Steam store page. For parents who want their younger children to play, information can be found on IMD Interactive’s webpage.

For system requirements, visit the Steam store page for “The Anointed: DSK.”

Dylan Smith is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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