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Birmingham-based Boulo Solutions partnership to provide mental health services for working mothers

Birmingham-based work services company Boulo Solutions on Wednesday announced a partnership which will serve the work-life balance needs of mothers.

Boulo is partnering with Nashville-based mental health services provider Veer to support working mothers in need of child development support, assisting them in their transition back into the workforce.

Boulo actively connects women to caregivers who are in need of flexible work options. Veer, its partnering company, provides pediatric behavioral health assessments as paid employee benefits.

According to Boulo, over one million mothers were out of the labor market at the end of 2020. An additional 360,000 left in September of this year citing work-life balance demands. Boulo helps women transition back into the job market by matching companies with seasoned talent in search of flexible work options.

The company advised in a release that many women and caregivers are without employer-sponsored family benefits. Boulo, in its partnership with Veer, intends to address the need. The partnership will offer mental health services to women who lack corporate support systems.

The release stated, “Veer’s team conducts universal behavioral health screenings to identify children with social-emotional, academic, and mental health concerns early. Additionally, Veer immediately provides resources and support so that parents can address those issues alongside trained and credentialed clinicians. Veer also works with parents to navigate getting local support and resources, significantly reducing the parents’ cost and time through tailored, personalized assistance.”

Veer CEO Courtney Bolton outlined what the partnership meant for those in need of mental health assistance.

“When parents have access to the child development professionals at Veer, we see parental efficacy increase, parental stress decrease, and families get the critical support they need faster,” said Bolton. “Offering this support to parents allows them to be more focused and productive at work, providing a compelling overall net benefit to families and the companies who employ them.”

Boulo CEO Delphine Carter indicated that the partnership would serve to provide client support in an efficient manner.

“Using Veer’s services will provide our working caregivers with faster, more effective support that saves them time and resources,” asserted Carter. “That’s what moms need right now – supportive solutions that help them be more present at work without feeling guilty about a concern at home.”

According to the announcement, reports of parents considering leaving the workplace due to childcare needs prompted the companies’ partnership. The pilot program includes direct client access to a care team for all parenting needs.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL