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Bill Clark talks Bama, Milroe, Saban, and more

Former UAB Blazers head coach Bill Clark has been sharing his thoughts weekly into what he saw on the college football slate, teams in the Yellowhammer State, and much more.

Of course, a big story this week has been the Alabama quarterback situation. Clark weighed in saying Jalen Milroe was “the better guy” after the South Florida game.

“I think watching the game against USF, certainly from an athletic standpoint, Milroe was . And maybe that had to be proved in a game situation,” Clark said. “Now, moving forward, do they do the things that fit him? He’s a zone read guy, that’s who that guy is, every kind of way to run him. And I think you will see a lot more of that moving forward.

“But I think who the most talented is was proven against South Florida.”

Clark said Tyler Buchner’s familiarity with Offensive Coordinator Tommy Rees weighed into the decision to start him last weekend.

“It would be strange if that wasn’t a factor,” Clark said. “He believed in him for whatever reason and he’s calling the plays. For me, I always gravitated toward the defensive side, and Coach (Nick) Saban coaches the corners.

“So the way (Saban) runs things, he needs an OC to run that show, so of course that guy’s opinion matters. But the OC is gonna have a huge say especially with (Saban) being a defensive head coach.”

On the Ole Miss matchup, Clark talked about Defensive Coordinator Pete Golding’s return:

“When you’ve got a guy that coached for you that you are playing against, it just becomes more important when you want to prove something to the people you worked with,” Clark said. “And now they have two of them there (Lane Kiffin and Golding) at Ole Miss. Not that you wouldn’t before, but you’re gonna get the best they have to give.

“It’s a great storyline.”

On Auburn heading on the road against Texas A&M, Clark said College Station is a tough environment and the Tigers are facing a difficult stretch of games.

“All you can ask for is to be undefeated going into this tough stretch,” he said. “Having played in College Station, it’s a tough environment. After that (Cal) game, Auburn has to be feeling good, but they improved against Samford and it’s one game at a time for the Tigers.”

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