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Bama’s Rashaan Evans shocks ESPN reporter, says he’s been ‘living it up’ on Bourbon St.

An ESPN reporter asked University of Alabama linebacker Rashaan Evans what has been the best part of New Orleans, and his response horrified his teammates as they immediately considered what coach Saban’s reaction would be.

“I’d probably say Bourbon Street’s probably been the best thing, with all the people and stuff like that,” Evans said. “I’d probably say that’s one of the most exciting things… Because we don’t really get a lot of time off. The fact is, we’ve got a lot of time off now so we’ve been able to use all the time that we have and just been living it up.”

The reporter was floored.

“You’re going to say in front of coach Saban where he can hear you, ‘living it up on Bourbon Street’ is the best part of New Orleans?” She asked.

“Yea. Yea!” He responded. “I’m sorry. It’s been the greatest thing and I just want to say, I done had a lot of fun.”

Watch the video of the exchange above.

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