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Babies named Johnny Cash, June Carter born same day at same Alabama hospital

Just seven hours apart, two babies named Johnny Cash Davis and June Carter Clark were each born on April 10 at Huntsville Hospital. Their parents say it was a complete coincidence.

“We do love Johnny Cash, but we really just thought the name ‘June’ was beautiful,” Clark’s mother Sophie told WAFF’s Tennessee Valley Living. “I just started calling her June Carter and everybody loved it. Our families loved it and it just kind of fell into place.”

On a Good Morning America appearance, Davis’s mother Nicole said the family was conflicted on what to name their child before an obvious contender emerged.

“Dad’s name is Johnny Lee Davis Jr., and we tried on Johnny Lee Davis III for a while and we just could never get comfortable with it,” she told GMA. “We were trying to call him ‘Lee’ so he would be a little bit of his own person but it just never caught, so we had to go back to the drawing board.”

“Then we said, wait a minute. Johnny Cash would be perfect, and we’ll call him Cash,” Davis added.

Clark said her family was completely unaware of the Davises until her husband’s uncle started a conversation with Johnny’s father in the hospital elevator.

“I was like ‘we gotta go find this baby,'” Clark said. “We saw the doorhanger that said Johnny Cash, and I was like, ‘can we please go in there and talk to them?’”

The hospital staff helped the two families arrange a meeting.

“Of course we immediately took them out in the hall and took pictures and exchanged information so that they will always have this cool coincidence to follow them as they grow and they’ll always have a cool story,” Nicole Davis said.

“We want to keep them in touch,” Sophie Clark said. “Maybe get some pictures of them. It’s too big of a coincidence not to.”

“I think it’s so fun that in a world where there’s a lot of little babies that were born on April 10, these two guys are always going to have this really fun backstory and always have an opportunity to have a friend that they met in an unconventional but really special way,” Davis told Tennessee Valley Living. “I want them to stay friends and stay connected so that they will always have this fun memory together.”

“We are just very happy that people are getting joy from our story,” she added.

Davis also told Tennessee Valley Living that the families are planning a photo at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, where the original Johnny Cash and June Carter met in 1956.

Charles Vaughan is a contributing writer for Yellowhammer News. 

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