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6-foot-long alligator found in Alabama man’s garage captured by Gulf Shores Police Dept.

A South Alabama man found a very unwelcome surprise in his garage last week.

Tucked underneath his work bench, according to the homeowner, was a roughly 6 foot long alligator. Upon making the startling discovery, the man immediately called the Gulf Shores Police Department, who promptly dispatched officers to the scene.

“The hard part is getting to where you can get on top of them and get his mouth shut,” Officer William Phillips, one of the responding officers, said to Fox News. “We got his mouth shut, and then the next thing is getting his arms, his front legs — I guess you could say detained — because they can lunge about two thirds of their body length.”

Phillips said that April is considered to be the courtship period for alligators, while May and June are the official months for mating season.

As a former game warden, he also offered the public some advice on what to do if you come into contact with alligators during this time of year.

“Just leave it to the professionals. Don’t try to be a hero.”

After being wrangled and captured, the gator was removed to a more suitable habitat.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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