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  • Decatur doctor accused of sexual assault responds to lawsuit

    Excerpt from WHNT:

    A Decatur doctor accused of sexually assaulting several of his patients is disputing all claims of wrongdoing. Dr. Michael Dick of Alabama Medicine and Rheumatology Clinic responded to a lawsuit filed on behalf of six women who claim to be his former patients. The doctor also filed a protective order asking a judge to stop the victims from sharing their stories with the media.

    A Birmingham-based attorney responded on behalf of Dr. Dick saying there is “no basis to contend he preys on female patients as alleged in the complaint.” The lawsuit filed against Dr. Dick says female members of the nursing staff were present with him. He says no misconduct took place, as alleged in the lawsuit. The response also says employees who work at the medical practice deny any misconduct.

  • Bobby Bright says ‘D.C. powerbrokers’ pushed Trump to endorse Martha Roby

    Excerpt from

    Bobby Bright says ‘D.C. powerbrokers’ pushed Trump to endorse Martha Roby in Alabama’s District 2 race.

    “I understand politics and how Washington works. It appears the D.C. powerbrokers have gotten to the President on this issue. It’s truly a swamp of insiders controlled by big money special interests, the same crowd who’s bankrolling Martha Roby’s campaign to the tune of over $1 million just this year,” Bright said in a statement. “It’s a place where loyalty doesn’t exist. When you take that much money from D.C., New York and California, you lose sight of Alabama.”

    Incumbent Roby will face Bobby Bright — a former congressman she defeated in 2010 — in a runoff next month. Bright served one term in Congress as a Democrat, but switched parties to run against Roby in this year’s Republican primary.

  • Man accused of trying to run over police officer, charged with attempted murder

    Excerpt from ABC 33/40:

    A man accused of trying to run over a police officer was charged with attempted murder Friday, Shelby County authorities confirm.

    Chief Assistant District Attorney Roger Hepburn says Issai Serrano is the suspect connected with a Wednesday afternoon shooting involving an Alabaster Police officer. The shooting occurred at Morgan Road and South Shades Crest Road, said Hoover Police officers, who were the first to respond to the scene.

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Montevallo Unveils State-of-the-Art Communications Facility

This week the University of Montevallo unveiled Strong Hall, a state-of-the-art facility for its communication department.

Students majoring in either mass communication or communication studies now have access to cutting-edge technology within the new building – whether their focus is on gaining knowledge to enter the fields of radio, television, corporate or governmental relations, multimedia journalism, web-related communication or any other similar fields.

Strong Hall consists of new construction and an expansion to the existing Mass Communication building on the University campus. This new facility brings together the Communication Studies and Mass Communication faculty and students in the Department of Communication.

John Paul Strong ’02 and his father, Mike Strong ’72, realized the needs of the Department of Communication were quickly outgrowing the existing facility due to the rapidly increasing enrollment of communication majors. The Strongs’ donation enabled the Department of Communication to provide students with expanded classroom experiences in a unified space.

The expansion and renovation include a new master control room, audio, video production and edit bay rooms, a new broadcast studio, two computer labs, additional classroom space and faculty offices.

Unique facts about the additions to the facility include:

  • 5,700 square feet of additional space
  • Five miles of low voltage cabling in the building
  • Built on a Ross Video Systems platform, incorporating a 64TB video server and complete newsroom software and hardware system
  • Server systems are virtual, meaning less energy and cooling required

“The new space was designed to be a state-of-the-art hub for campus communications,” said Dr. Steve Peters, dean of the College of Fine Arts. “The entire system was designed to be flexible and allow easy connections to all of the rooms in Strong Hall by use of campus fiber and Ethernet to other buildings. The system was meant to support teaching.  All of the control surfaces and computer screens that the system uses can be displayed or recorded on any of the screens in the control room classroom. This is a pretty unique feature for mass communication programs.”

Strong Hall now also houses three standalone editing suites. Two are designed for students to work individually, while an advanced editing suite is larger and allows faculty or other students to collaborate and guide upper-level students on their final edits.

The technologies in Strong Hall now also allow both students and faculty to easily move productions around the building or off campus through special applications.

“Strong Hall’s impact will be appreciated at the University of Montevallo by thousands of students for generations to come,” said University of Montevallo President, Dr. John W. Stewart III.

In 2016, Montevallo announced the public phase of their first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, The Campaign for Montevallo: It’s About Family. A main priority of the multi-million-dollar fundraising campaign is to develop facilities for learning, living and competing. Strong Hall is an important campaign project that will support new and upgraded facilities for students and faculty.

John Paul and Mike Strong are also serving as national co-chairs for the campaign and have provided vital leadership during the planning phase.

“My father Mike and I decided to make a personal donation to the Department of Communication and become active in the University’s recent fundraising efforts,” said John Paul Strong. “This allowed the vision for Strong Hall, and it means so much to us that the building is now complete for the students to have a solid foundation for learning.”

Individual spaces in Strong Hall have been named by the following donors: Beth Chapman ’84, John and Laura Fleming ’01, Carolyn F. Johnson, Logista Solutions, Amos Snead ’02, David ’72 and Diane Wheeler, and Kalyn Wolfe ’10.

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WEEK 2: Comprehensive college football TV guide

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Movie Inspired by Alabama Couple Set for Release Soon

A new movie, Heart of Man, will be shown in 600 select theaters nationwide on September 14th, including the AMC Lee Branch 15 in Birmingham.

The movie was inspired by the true story of an Alabama couple, Traylor and Melody Lovvorn. As Traylor shared in a press release about the movie:

“Melody and I were married 11 years before my struggle with pornography and sexual addiction ripped our family apart,” relates Traylor. “This tragic upheaval left us both reeling and caused the “perfect” life we both worked so hard to project to come crashing down around us.”

After a miraculous recovery and restoration, the Lovvorns were re-married in 2008, following six years of divorce, and their extraordinary story inspired them to found an organization to help others on a similar journey—Undone Redone.

The Lovvorn’s powerful story of redemption will be featured in Heart of Man, in the one-night-only showing, and they will be in attendance at the Birmingham theatre on September 14th.

To learn more about the true life story behind the movie, visit Undone Redone today.

Editor’s Note: Purchase tickets here to see Heart of Man in Birmingham at AMC Lee Branch 15 on September 14th and watch the trailer here.

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Moore Publishes Poll Results in 2018 Alabama Congressional Race

The campaign for State Rep. Barry Moore, who’s running for Congress in Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District against incumbent Congresswoman Martha Roby,  has published the results of a poll it commissioned.

In a test ballot, 34% of the respondents said they’d vote for Roby, 21% chose Moore, 5% chose a third candidate, Tommy Amason, while 40% of the respondents said they’re undecided.

With some 9 months to go until next summer’s actual primary vote, the poll’s “favorability” ratings were also noteworthy. The poll showed Roby with  34% favorable and 43% unfavorable ratings.

As expected, the incumbent Roby enjoyed high name recognition, while only 6% said they’d never heard of her. 37% of respondents didn’t recognize Moore’s name, and 75% had no knowledge of Amason.

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Business Council of Alabama Endorses Luther Strange

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange

The Business Council of Alabama issued a press release today announcing its endorsement of Luther Strange in the special primary election runoff for the U.S. Senate.


“The Business Council of Alabama is proud to endorse U.S. Sen. Luther Strange in his bid to continue to serve the people of Alabama in the United States Senate,” said BCA Chairman Jeff Coleman, president and chief executive officer of Coleman Worldwide Moving. “Sen. Strange has built his reputation on being a tireless advocate for the growth and progress of the state of Alabama. The Business Council of Alabama believes Luther Strange has the experience and proven leadership needed in the halls of Congress.”

“The Business Council of Alabama believes that U.S. Sen. Luther Strange is the right person to succeed Jeff Sessions in the United States Senate,” said BCA First Vice Chairman Perry Hand, chairman and chief executive officer of Volkert, Inc. “With a proven track record of battling federal overreach along with his extensive background in business and economic development, Sen. Strange is who Alabama needs in Washington at this critical time.”

Strange was appointed to the United States Senate in February 2017 and is in the run-off for the Republication nomination against former Judge Ry Moore. That runoff election is slated for September 26th.

The BCA is a non-partisan, statewide business association “representing the interests and concerns of nearly 1 million working Alabamians through its member companies and its partnership with the Chamber of Commerce Association of Alabama. The BCA is Alabama’s exclusive affiliate to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.”


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College Football Preview: Welcome to the first full weekend of college football for 2017

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Recapping Auburn’s Softball Allegations

Courtesy of Auburn Athletics
Courtesy of Auburn Athletics

According to ESPN, Auburn University President Steven Leath confirmed that the school has launched a “comprehensive review” of its softball program following allegations of inappropriate conduct under former coach Clint Myers and his son, former assistant coach Corey Myers.

Corey Myers resigned March 30, following allegations from five players who provided administrators with text messages from a teammate’s phone that they believed to be in an inappropriate relationship with the assistant coach. All of the five players who brought the allegations have since left the team.

Perhaps most troubling in these events is that the five players told ESPN that “Auburn officials responded to the presence of the texts by imposing a three-hour ‘quarantine,’ in which members of the team were kept in a room and told to delete the messages.”

This “quarantine” was prompted by the team’s refusal to board a bus with the player who they felt was engaged in “intimate” text messages with Corey Myers. One of the players told ESPN, “We said that if she gets on, we’re staying off…It was a team decision.”

The five players told ESPN that the school’s Executive Associate Athletic Director, Meredith Jenkins, told them they could be arrested for taking the text messages from the other player’s phone and they and ordered them to delete the messages.

The investigation has been ongoing for close to a year but it has received renewed attention following a Title IX complaint by former player Alexa Nemeth that read, in part: “Coach Clint Myers knowingly let his son Corey Myers have relations and pursue relations with multiple members of the team.” In July, Nemeth’s attorney also said in a letter to Auburn and Governor Ivey that Auburn’s softball program was “toxic” and “lacked any kind of institutional control.”

At the beginning of the week, Governor Kay Ivey issued a statement to ESPN and to Auburn’s general counsel that read: “Governor Ivey fully supports President Leath, and is sure that Auburn University will fully protect all its student-athletes.”

Following his son’s departure last spring, head coach Clint Myers retired on Aug. 24, saying he did so in hopes of “spending quality time with my wife, my children and my grandchildren.” A previous article by noted that Myers had been offered a contract extension but Leath said that was “totally false.”

This week, reported that it received a statement from Auburn University that read, in part:

“ESPN has written an important story about our softball team. It’s a serious matter. As a university that cares deeply about our student-athletes, we have taken this seriously since the first concerns were raised. An investigation was promptly launched when allegations were made. While we don’t by policy or law comment on personnel issues or issues related to students, any suggestion that Auburn Athletics or university administration didn’t take it seriously or didn’t act in the best interest of student-athletes is simply false.

“While the law requires us to protect the privacy of our students, tying our hands about what can be said publicly, there is a reason changes took place with the coaching staff. As much as we may want to give more details, we have been approached by some of the student-athletes involved, directly asking us to protect them because they don’t want their names made public. Once the facts were established, changes to the staff quickly followed. Honoring the student-athletes requests for privacy while taking necessary disciplinary action is not an easy line to walk when the media asks legitimate questions, but we did the right things at the right time for the right reasons.

“At all times, Auburn University will protect its students, obey privacy laws, and deal with anyone on staff who violates our high standards.”

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Execution Dates Set for Two Alabama Inmates—Tell Us What You Think

Jeffrey Lynn Borden (L) and Torrey Twane McNabb (R)

Execution dates have been set for two Alabama death row inmates by the state’s Supreme Court. Both convicted killers are scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection on the day of their executions in October 2017.

This first inmate, who is scheduled to be executed on October 5, is Jeffrey Lynn Borden. Borden shot and killed his wife Cheryl and her father Ronald Harris on Christmas Eve, 1993 as Cheryl, her parents, and her children were celebrating Christmas. Borden committed the murders in front of the couple’s three children, who were ages 10, 8, and 6 at the time, and he was convicted of those crimes in 1995. Because Jeffery Borden had been physically abusing his wife, she and her children were living with her parents at the time of the murders, and she had a temporary restraining order against her Jeffery Borden.

The second inmate scheduled to be executed on October 19 is Torrey Twane McNabb. On September 24, 1997, Montgomery Police Officer Anderson Gordon was found dead, slumped over the steering wheel of his patrol car at the intersection of Rosa Parks and National Avenue in Montgomery. Officer Gordon had been shot five times. Torrey McNabb was convicted of two counts of capital murder for murdering Officer Gordon. The jury voted 10-2 to recommend that McNabb be sentenced to death, and the trial court accepted the jury’s recommendation.

Borden and McNabb will be the third and fourth death row inmates executed in Alabama in 2017.

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Alabama Community Grieves Loss of School Librarian Killed in his Home

As the homicide investigation continues for Mike Collins of Springville, Alabama, his shocked community mourns. Given the scores of comments on social media, it is apparent that Mike Colins was greatly beloved in his community.

Mr. Collins, 46, was a librarian at Odenville Middles school and yesterday St. Clair County High School posted this on its Facebook page.

Today we mourn the loss of one of our own. Mike Collins will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of the Odenville community. He gave so much to others and became a father figure to those he taught at the middle school and coached at the high school. Our hearts are saddened but our resolve is strong. As we move forward, we will be here to support your children, just as Mike did each and every day.

The Odenville Middle School is inviting community members to candlelight vigil tonight at 8:00 pm tonight at St. Clair County football practice field. Their post says, “Bring candles if you are able. Thank you for your prayers and support for our OMS family.”

Mr. Collins was found dead inside his home yesterday, and an autopsy is being performed today as the criminal investigation continues. A graduate of Jacksonville State University, Mr. Collins spent the last decade at Odenville Middle School as a teacher and librarian.

The St. Clair Baptist Association posted the following on their Facebook page,

SCBA offers prayers for the family of Librarian/Coach Mike Collins as well as the students, teachers, staff, and coaches at SCCHS, Odenville Middle School, and the Odenville community.

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Former Alabama Teacher Sentenced for Sex Encounter With Student at Cemetery

Charli Parker, left, and her husband, Jamie, both charged with sex crimes involving students. (Pickens County Sheriff's Office)
Charli Parker left, and her husband, Jamie, both charged with sex crimes involving students. (Pickens County Sheriff’s Office)

A former Alabama teacher was sentenced to prison yesterday after pleading guilty to charges of having sex with an underage student.

Charli Jones Parker, a former teacher at Pickens Academy in Carrolton, Alabama, was arrested in early 2016 and indicted on 13 counts of a school employee having sex with a (male) student under the age of 19, starting in 2014. Some of these encounters took place at a nearby cemetery, and others took place at Paker’s home.

Parker’s husband, “Jamie” Parker was arrested on similar charges for sexual encounters with a female student a few days after his wife, in early 2016, as he was a coach at the school. At the time of the Parkers’ arrests, authorities said none of the criminal sexual activity occurred at Pickens Academy, and both Charli and Jamie were immediately terminated from the school upon their 2016 arrests.

Yesterday, Charli Parker’s was sentenced to 12 years in prison. However, according to her plea agreement, she will only have to serve three years behind bars, and five additional years of probation. Mrs. Parker must also follow the state’s sex offender law, precluding her from contact with the victim.

As we reported earlier this month, however, a judge overturned Alabama’s law governing sex between students and teachers in a separate case, and it’s unclear what bearing that decision may have in this case.

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Jury Scam Run On Alabama Citizens From Inside Georgia Prison

Photo: JCSD Twitter Account
Photo: JCSD Twitter Account

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department (JCSD) released information Thursday that says two inmates in a Georgia prison are facing additional charges for their role in a multi-state jury scam, targeting citizens in Alabama and other states.

According to the JCSD report, victims receive phone calls “from a person who claims to be an investigator with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office or another local law enforcement agency. They are told that they have failed to report to jury duty, and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The suspect then tells the victim that the warrant can be cleared up and arrest avoided if they will send money to take care of it. Victims are instructed to purchase pre-loaded money cards and call back with the numbers. The amounts have ranged between $700 and $1000. Once they call in the numbers, they are instructed to go to the Sheriff’s Office and obtain a release form. One victim was given directions to the Sheriff’s Office that included turning on “Gotya” Street.”

After several reports of this scam being run on Jefferson County residents, an investigation was launched by the Sheriff’s Office Metro Area Crime Center (MAC). Representatives from 15 different law enforcement agencies collaborate on the investigation through the MACC including the Hoover Police, Vestavia Hills Police, and Trussville Police, as well as agents from the United States Secret Service.

Investigators captured the phone numbers used to call the victims and, through a series of search warrants and interviews, they tracked the scammers down. Of all places, the scam was being run out of a Georgia prison.

United States Secret Service agents and Investigators from the MACC interviewed suspects in Georgia and determined that two convicts were responsible for making many of the scam calls, collaborating with family members outside the prison to collect the money and put it into their bank accounts.

Arrest warrants were obtained to charge 31-year-old Larry Victor Younger and 40-year-old Johnny Elway Chandler with Extortion 1st Degree and Conspiracy to Commit Extortion. The ongoing investigation has led to suspects in additional states, and more charges are likely.

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Moore and Strange Make Run-Off For Alabama Senate Seat

With 75% of the votes counted, it’s now apparent that Roy Moore and Luther Strange will meet in the Sept 26th runoff for the U.S. Senate seat.

At 9:30 pm, Roy Moore has collected 40% of the vote (125,879 votes) with Luther Strange at 32%  (102,171 votes), according to the New York Times poll tracker.

Congressman Mo Brooks, who was the other formidable contender for the seat tallied 20% of the vote count, collecting 64,830 ballots, failing to make the runoff.

State Senator Trip Pittman garnered 20,300 votes for 6.8% of the total with three-fourths of the precincts reporting, while Randy Brinson collected just over 2,000 votes, equating to 0.4% of the total.



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Who will win tomorrow’s Senate election?

Please take two minutes to participate in our poll in advance of tomorrow’s Senate election.

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Alabama Congressional Candidate Says He Chooses Tractors Over Lounge Chairs

In a recent video posted to his Facebook page, Congressional candidate Barry Moore (currently a state Rep from Enterprise) talks about being blackballed from the Business Council of Alabama’s beach retreat and how he prefers to drive his skidloader in the mud anyway.

See Moore’s video below.

11 months ago

Duck Dynasty Patriarch Endorses Roy Moore

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Roberston endorsed Roy Moore for the U.S. Senate Race this week, making this Moore’s second celebrity endorsement following the recent announcement from Chuck Norris.

Robertson said in a statement released by Moore’s campaign,

“I have been an admirer for some time of Judge Roy Moore. He judged with a good understanding of the Constitution and the law, but he also understands natural law and who gave us our rights to begin with, Almighty God. Roy Moore will stand up for truth and what’s right, no matter who opposes him, and that is sorely needed in Washington DC. I fully endorse his run for the Senate and pray for he and his family.”

The vote for the primaries in this special election for the U.S. Senate is next Tuesday, August 15th

11 months ago

Marsh to Seek Reelection for Alabama Senate

Sen. Del Marsh, President Pro Tem, Alabama Senate
Sen. Del Marsh
Sen. Del Marsh, President Pro Tem, Alabama Senate

Del Marsh, President Pro Tempore of the Alabama State Senate  (R-Anniston), announced today that he’s seeking re-election for Senate District 12. Making  his announcement, Marsh stated,

“Since Republicans took over the Legislature, we have been able to pass many key pieces of legislation. However, the work is not done, and if I am fortunate enough to be sent back to Montgomery by the people of Senate District 12, I look forward to continuing conservative policies that make government more efficient and accountable to the taxpayers.”

Outlining his priorities for the next four years, Marsh said,

“Education and Infrastructure are going to be two key issues which face the Legislature in upcoming years. I am currently working with the education community to work on a comprehensive education plan that is educator-driven and will give us direction on how to move the state forward and improve public education in Alabama. I hope to do the same thing with infrastructure to make sure our roads and bridges are among the best in America.”

“Both of these issues are key in making sure Alabama is competitive in recruiting industry and improving the lives of all Alabamians, and I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate on these issues.”

Senator Marsh also said he looks forward to working with Governor Kay Ivey should she seek a full term.

“Governor Ivey and I have had a great working relationship through her time as Lieutenant Governor and since she took over the office earlier this year. If she decides to run, I hope to continue this work as we move forward to accomplishing our conservative agenda.”

11 months ago

Toddler Killed in Alabama Gunfire—the Second Fatally Shot in Three Weeks

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

A Saturday night shooting in Avondale near downtown Birmingham has claimed the life of a 2-year old boy.

Birmingham Police Sargent Bryan Shelton said Ron’Narius “Duke” Austin, who recently turned two, was shot in the head while riding in the car with his parents. Multiple shots were fired, as the child’s mother was shot in the arm, and an adult male in the car was reportedly shot in the back. The boy’s father was not hit by the gunfire.

Duke Austin is the second young child killed by reckless gunfire in Birmingham in less than a month.

On July 12, the life of 4-year-old Taleayah Stafford was also snuffed out in a Birmingham shooting—in a confrontation over a game of dice.

Related: 4-Year-Old Alabama Girl Dies From Bullet Over Game of Dice
11 months ago

New Poll Predicts Three-Way Republican Race for Alabama’s U.S. Senate Seat

The hotly-contested Republican primary for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat is only eleven days away, and a new poll by RRH Elections shows Luther Strange and Roy Moore are neck and neck, with Mo Brooks very much in contention in third.

The poll’s narrative says “Moore leads Strange 31% to 29%, with both candidates likely to appear in a runoff. Rep. Mo Brooks (R) trails in third with 18%. Two other candidates, State Sen. Trip Pittman (R) and physician and evangelical leader Randy Brinson (R), poll in single digits.”

Undecideds voters in the poll are still relatively high at 11%.

Next week begins the final push down the back stretch, which likely means a flood of advertising and campaigning from all three camps.

The poll’s methodology said “The survey of 426 likely Republican voters was conducted between July 31 and August 3, 2017, using both an IVR automated phone survey (369 voters) and an online survey (57 voters). It has a margin of error of 5%. ”

11 months ago

Tickets Now on Sale for Yellowhammer’s Power of Service Reception

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Yellowhammer Multimedia announced today that tickets are now available for the 3rd annual Power of Service reception.  The event – which has sold out every year – will take place Thursday, September 14th at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa.

This reception honors the 50 most powerful and influential people in Alabama politics and business, and has proven to be the premier networking event of the year. The much-anticipated list of 2017 honorees will be revealed in the coming weeks.  It will showcase both the state’s most prominent political and economic leaders, as well as several behind-the-scenes power players.

In addition to the list of 50, two special honorees are selected for the prestigious Power of Service award for their generous contributions to improving our state.  Awardees in previous years include Protective Life Executive Chairman John D. Johns, Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, Great Southern Wood Preserving founder Jimmy Rane, and Alabama State Senator Jabo Waggoner.

“The Yellowhammer Power of Service reception has evolved into the most important networking event on the calendar,” said Yellowhammer CEO B.J. Ellis “At the same time, it’s a meaningful occasion that allows us to honor some of Alabama’s most effective and generous leaders. For everyone who loves this state and wants it to continue moving forward, this is an event that can’t be missed.

More details on the event, including entertainment and honorees will be released soon.

Opportunities to sponsor this event are available. For more information, email BJ Ellis at, or call him at 662-402-4653.

WHAT: Yellowhammer Power of Service Reception
WHEN: Thursday, September 14th, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa in Birmingham
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Alabama’s Final Escaped Inmate Captured In Florida

Photo: Marion County, FL Twitter page
Photo: Marion County, FL Twitter page

Last week we reported that all but one of the twelve inmates who used peanut butter to trick a new jail guard had been captured. Until yesterday, Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, 24, of Cordova, Alabama was still on the lam, but yesterday he was arrested near West Palm Beach.

Related: Kilpatrick Still At Large

A post on the Facebook page of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office provided the following account of Kilpatrick’s capture:


The Martin County Sheriff’s Office, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Tactical Unit, and the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force captured the last of twelve fugitives who escaped from an Alabama Jail Sunday Night.

24-year old Brady Kilpatrick was taken down by a team of law enforcement at a home on the 10000 block of SE Hobart Street in the south end of Martin County just after 7 pm tonight.

Kilpatrick was the last of a dozen escaped prisoners to be captured, and the only one to make it out of the Walker County Alabama area. His mistake was coming to Martin County. Kilpatrick had no idea that a team of law enforcement was surrounding the community where he was trying to hide out.

According to reports from the Walker County Alabama Sheriff’s Office, the inmates took advantage of new guard by using peanut butter to conceal an exit door number. When the inmates called for the guard to open the door and let them in a cell, the guard inadvertently opened the exit door allowing the inmates to escape.

The first eleven prisoners were captured within 12-hours of the escape. Kilpatrick was the last fugitive on the loose. PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

11 months ago

Tuscaloosa Police Department Announces Sex-Crime Sting

The Tuscaloosa Police Department announced a major sex-crime on its Facebook page today. As part of a national effort, the TPD participated in the National Johns Suppression Initiative in July, resulting in over 30 prostitution-related arrests.

This initiative was originated in 2011 by Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois. This nationally recognized movement has grown over the years with law enforcement agencies from around the country conducting stings in the month of July.

The TPD’s post says the results of this year’s sting in the Tuscaloosa area alone are as follows:

• 31 arrested for Solicitation

• Two arrested for Traveling to Meet a Child for an Unlawful Sex Act

• Three arrested for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana Second Degree,

• Two arrested for Unlawful Possession of Marijuana First Degree

• Unlawful Possession of Forged Instrument, to-wit: counterfeit money and four seizures of firearms.

The TPD said, “Although all agencies have not reported their stats, the City of Tuscaloosa is the only city in Alabama or the Southeast that participated with a record number of arrests from a four-day investigation.”

The Northport Police Department partnered with Tuscaloosa Police Department Code Enforcement Unit in their sting operation, which was assisted by a local hotel providing a location for officers to conduct the investigation.

 Many question why prostitution stings are important. Aside from the fact that it’s illegal, prostituion is a natural extension of human trafficking, especially of underaged girls. Moreover, the pimps who run the businesses are typically engaged in a host of other criminal activities, and are often part of the drug trade as well.

The prostitutes themselves also suffer all types of abuse at the hands of the johns and the pimps. One study showed that Eighty percent of the women interviewed had suffered physical violence from pimps and johns, and endured similar and multiple health effects from the violence and sexual exploitation, regardless of whether the women were trafficked internationally or were in local prostitution.

11 months ago

Kilpatrick Still At Large In Walker County, Alabama Jailbreak

Photo: Walker County Sheriff's Office Arrest Photos
Photo: Walker County Sheriff’s Office Arrest Photos

According to the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, 24, of Cordova, Alabama is the lone inmate of 12 original escapees still at large following yesterday’s jailbreak in northern Alabama.

Details on how the 12 inmates escaped early Sunday evening are not clear.

Kilpatrick was in jail for alleged drug offenses and, when apprehended, will have other offenses added to his list of charges.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office has issued a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest. Contact the  Walker County S.O. at (205) 302-6464 for any information on this suspect.

11 months ago

Alabama Radio Host’s Trump-Style Twitter Rant: Blasting Opponents And Gaining Followers

Andrew McLain
Andrew McLain

Andrew McLain,  host of “The Line,” a midday talk show on Superstation 101 WYDE in Birmingham, launched a Twitter rant today that rivals any of the President’s middle-of-the-night diatribes.

Having apparently burned his copy of Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People, MCLain must instead be reading Steve Burns’ How to Get Followers on Twitter: 100 ways to find and keep followers who want to hear what you have to say.

However folks feel about McLain’s political views, no one’s ever questioned his authenticity, creativity, or tagged him as a man who’s afraid to speak his mind. And best of all, the man is hilarious.

Read just a few of McLain’s humorous Tweets below, and be sure to follow him: @andrewmclainwho

11 months ago

Save the Date – Sept 14th, 2017 at Ross Bridge, Power of Service Reception

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Yellowhammer Multimedia announced today that the 3rd annual Power of Service reception will take place Thursday, September 14th at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa.

For the last six years, Yellowhammer has released an annual list of the most powerful and influential people in Alabama business and politics. The 2017 list will be released in the coming weeks, and the Power of Service event will celebrate these individuals who leverage their power and influence to better the Yellowhammer state.

In previous years, the event has attracted a who’s who of Alabama political and business leaders, including the Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House, Pro Tem of the Senate, numerous members of Congress, dozens of state legislators and many of the state’s top executives, lobbyists, opinion leaders, and political activists.

Ticket sales will begin next week. Stay tuned to Yellowhammer News for event details and mark your calendar now to ensure you don’t miss this exciting event.