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API Presents Alabama By the Numbers

The Alabama Policy Institute (API) has launched a new series of infographics called By the Numbers to help folks get quick facts on important issues in Alabama.

The first three one-page By the Numbers infographics are made up of statistics that show where Alabama stands in regard to energy, K-12 education and Medicaid. A few notable stats from the infographics include:

Energy – 28% of our electricity is generated by coal-fired plants; 0% of our electricity is produced from solar and wind plants; and we currently rank 6th in the United States as an electricity generator.

Education – 58% of children in Alabama public schools qualify for free or reduced lunches; the average teacher salary of the 47,573 public school teachers in Alabama is $48,003; and our total high school graduation rate is 71%.

Medicaid – Alabama has experienced a 67.9% increase in Medicaid expenditures since 2001; 22% of all Alabamians received at least one service from Medicaid in 2011; and net payments for Medicaid in Alabama in 2011 were $5,234,351,464 … of which $228,373,392 were administrative costs.

“We understand that people who want information don’t always have the time to process complex public policy issues,” API Policy Director and General Counsel Cameron Smith said. “The new By the Numbers series acknowledges that reality and distills API’s research into fact-based information that fits on one page.”

If you’ve been reading this site for any decent amount of time then you probably already know I’m a big believer in the power of infographics (see: here, here, and here for just a few examples on Yellowhammer).

“An informed electorate is a powerful force,” Smith said. “Our By the Numbers series provides a basic, easy-to-comprehend snapshot that will educate Alabamians on the issues that matter most.”

You can check out API’s new By the Numbers infographics below (click for larger images). API’s studies, white papers, issue briefs, editorials and other resources are also available on their website.

Alabama Policy Institute Alabama K-12 Education By The Numbers

Alabama Policy Institute Alabama Medicaid By the Numbers

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