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Some shockers in an Alabama pollster’s rundown of what could happen on Tuesday

A lack of publicly available polling on Alabama’s primary races is hindering the coverage of June 5th’s primary races. But Alabama pollster Ray Evans with Status America has been conducting a rolling poll of the races for months. He’s been polling since 1967 and has been right 95 percent of the times.

He said he uses all possible methodology, direct mail, telephone (cell phones too), e-mail, and a face to face component as well.

Here are some of his predictions he shared with WVNN and Yellowhammer News this morning:

Why this matters: There are some shockers here. A run-off in both the gubernatorial races would defy conventional wisdom. This election will have a low-turnout, but Evans is predicting a lot of run-offs and that means we will get six more weeks of politics and these races will get ugly.

Listen to the interview here: