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America’s greatest rivalry: Conservative Christian vs. Swamp monsters

Swamp monsters in Washington think Capitol Hill is the nation’s toughest playing field. Well, they have never competed in the Iron Bowl. They have never been on the sideline in Jordan-Hare and Bryant-Denny Stadiums, where noise levels break record decibels, where the crowd’s cheers reverberate within your chest. They have never stood at the forefront of athletics’ most celebrated rivalry. I’ve had a real job working with people, while my competition and many career politicians have been do-nothing bureaucrats.

I know how to play, and I know how to win. My track record on the gridiron speaks for itself. I have earned two SEC Coach of the Year awards, have been named Paul “Bear” Bryant Coach of the Year, and have been part of National Championship teams. I’ve managed large budgets; dealt with higher education politics; and been in the homes of the poor, the middle class and the rich.

On Iron Bowl Saturday, Alabama and Auburn fans will be divided for 60 minutes of play, but running for the United States Senate is not a game. When the clock runs out at the end of the fourth quarter, team rivalries are set aside, and our citizens will unite in our campaign to make our state — and our nation — a better place. Alabamians deserve a proud Christian conservative leader in Washington who won’t falter under pressure and who knows how to win. After 40 years of coaching, I feel called to get off the sidelines and fight for our Alabama values.

I’m not a crooked career politician who is too weak to stand with President Trump. I’m an outsider who’s running to give a voice to the frustration that so many of us feel as Doug Jones and his socialist party are assaulting the values of life and liberty that we treasure.

If you want to recycle a career politician, then you have plenty of choices. But if you want a winner that will stand with President Trump and not get weak-kneed when the going gets tough, then I’m your best vote.

Alabama conservatives, let me be your voice in Washington. Stand with President Trump and me against the radical Democrats who are threatening the prosperity of our country. I’ve battled challenging opponents before, and I’ve proven that I will win for Alabama.

Tommy Tuberville is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama