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Alabama’s Trey Glenn to Direct EPA Efforts in Eight Southern States

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced this week that Alabama’s Trey Glenn will serve as the EPA’s Region 4 administrator.

Glenn’s appointment is another example of President Trump populating his agencies with reform-minded Republicans who can execute his agenda. Glenn brings a wealth of experience to the position, as an environmental engineer with 22 years of regulatory experience and having served as Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) from 2005 until 2009.

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Mr. Glenn will have oversight for the EPA’s work in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Pruitt extolled Glenn’s virtues saying,

“Trey Glenn will bring invaluable experience as regional administrator having spent over two decades working in the field of environmental and regulatory policy. Mr. Glenn will help us carry out President Trump’s vision of creating a more streamlined and efficient EPA that focuses on the Agency’s core mission, while also providing more regulatory certainty to our nation’s businesses.”

Senator Richard Shelby echoed Pruitt’s enthusiasm, stating,

“As an accomplished environmental engineer from Alabama, Trey Glenn is well-prepared for this new role and challenge as the EPA Region 4 administrator. Having served as the director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, he understands the value and importance of state authority and control.”

Glenn is also highly regarded by the Alabama business community, as Business Council of Alabama President and CEO William J. Canary said,

“Trey’s experience as director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, at the Alabama Office of Water Resources, and his engineering and management work as a business owner in the private sector gives him valuable knowledge that will serve both citizens, businesses, and the environment. As a valuable member of the BCA advocacy team, Trey provided important leadership and advice in environmental matters for Alabama’s business community. EPA Administrator Pruitt is to be commended for his selection of Trey as Region 4 administrator.”

As ADEM Director from 2005-09, Glenn gained valuable experience that will serve him well in this new role. As Governor Ivey noted,

“His experience as director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management places him in a unique position to be prepared to work with these southern states. We are also especially glad to know someone with in-depth knowledge of Alabama will be overseeing our region.”

Glenn is a graduate of Auburn University with a degree in civil engineering and earned an MBA degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


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