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Alabama State Senator Phil Williams on In-N-Out to Alabama: ‘I’m serious’ — ‘We would love to have you’

As In-N-Out continues to face backlash from Democrats after giving money to the Republican Party, Alabama State Senator Phil Williams doubled down on his invitation to the burger chain to the Yellowhammer State during a Tuesday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” saying he is “serious.”

Sen. Williams touted Alabama’s current economic success and unemployment numbers, saying, “Alabama is sitting right now poised as one of the best business climates in the entire nation. And we are sitting at record low unemployment, 3.7 percent earlier this year.”


“[Alabama is] one of the greatest states in the nation to move to, so I am serious when I say ‘Hey, In-N-Out Burger, we would love to have you in Alabama,’” he later stated.

In-N-Out drew immense criticism from Democrats after it was revealed the burger chain had donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party.

After hearing the news, California Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman sent out a tweet calling for a boycott against the restaurants.

Bauman has since walked back on his statement, saying, “There is no boycott. I out one tweet out at 10:30 at night and it turned into a whole thing. We’ve raised so much money in small donations as a result of that one tweet.”

@RealKyleMorris is a Yellowhammer News contributor and also contributes weekly to The Daily Caller

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