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Alabama Power employee customizing headbands for health care workers

As an active volunteer with the Alabama Power Service Organization, Erica Wells typically would have her hands full right now.

“This time of year is normally very busy for us volunteering at events,” Wells said. “I’m used to doing that. I get that from my parents. I’m used to doing something.”

That all changed last month when COVID-19 concerns stopped those public events and distanced people socially. Wells, who is a staff accounting assistant at Alabama Power, was left with time on her hands and a desire to help. That’s when she discovered the need for custom headbands.

Erica Wells helping health care workers with custom headbands from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

“One of my good friends who is also a physician says they are wearing these masks 10-12 hours a day,” Wells said. “Their face is just red and beat up from the protective gear they’re wearing, so I made the headbands to save the back of their ears because if it’s doing it to their face, you know that band is doing it to the back of their ears.”

Wells initially asked her neighbors via Facebook if anyone needed a custom headband. She got 30 responses in less than an hour.

“It has been overwhelming,” Wells said. “I knew we had a few people who worked at nursing homes and hospitals.”

Wells said she has given out about 70 custom headbands and will continue to make more as long as she is able and there is a need.

“There’s always something people can do to give back,” Wells said. “I found out not too long ago that some of the girls in our neighborhood were writing encouraging letters to people in nursing homes. That’s something anyone can do. Not everyone can sew, but everyone can write a kind word.”

(Courtesy of Alabama NewsCenter)

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