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Alabama House candidate will give you a Remington shotgun in return for your email address

Steve French, Republican candidate in Alabama House District 43
Steve French, Republican candidate in Alabama House District 46

So, you’re running for public office. It’s a crowded race in the middle of a packed election cycle and you’re trying to figure out how to cut through the noise and get your message out. How are you going to do it? Oh, and by the way, you’re in Alabama, the most Ro’ Tide’n, War Eagle’n, gun totin’, Second Amendment-lovin’ state the good Lord graced this great country with.

If you’re Steve French, Republican candidate in Alabama House District 46, you give away a Remington shotgun in return for voters’ email addresses and watch the support flow in — at least that’s the hope.

French announced Monday night that his campaign is offering the chance for any registered voter in his suburban Birmingham State House district to win a Remington 870 shotgun, or a certificate of equal value to buy a firearm, in return for the voter’s contact information.

“We thought it would be fun and add some real excitement to the campaign,” French told Yellowhammer. “I do feel strongly about protecting our Second Amendment rights, and this is one way for our campaign to show that, both in fun and sincere way all at the same time. Spring turkey season starts March 15 in most parts of Alabama. I hope the winner brings home a nice gobbler with the shotgun. What better way to recognize and celebrate the huge commitment Remington is making to our state?”

Here’s a screenshot of the promotion on French’s campaign website (click the image to visit his site):

Remington Shotgun Giveaway

Data collection has become a huge part of modern campaigns. The voter file that the Obama campaign built are widely touted as one of the primary reasons the president won re-election in 2012. Republicans have been playing catch up when it comes to “big data,” but the fact the a state house race is going to these lengths to acquire valuable contact information about potential voters shows just how far things have come.

It’s an innovative move by the French campaign. Do you think it will pay off? If you lived in his district (or if you do), would you sign up?

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