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ALABAMA EATS: Saw’s BBQ ‘cooks from the heart’

Join host AJ Johnson as he makes his way around Alabama checking out some of the state’s best eateries — from hole-in-the-wall joints that locals love, to world-famous 5-star restaurants that make food critics’ mouths water.

Today, AJ is in the Edgewood neighborhood of Homewood, Ala., at Saw’s barbecue.

“This is what you call a ‘true barbecue joint,'” said AJ. “Look at me, I’m sweating because, you want to talk about an authentic smokehouse? Look at all this!”

Ms. A, the manager of Saw’s Homewood location, explains the process they go through to crank out some of the best barbecue in an area known around the country for its skills on the smoker and grill.

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“Everything is fresh and homemade,” she explained. “It’s cooked and prepared the day that we serve it… What we do is a lot of southern cooking… Basically we just come in here and cook from the heart. There are no shortcuts.”

And it sounds like that extra work is paying off.

“If you’re looking for some good, authentic barbecue, Saw’s BBQ right here in the heart of Homewood is the place you need to go,” AJ said after scarfing down a plate of barbecue, collared greens, mac ‘n’ cheese and banana pudding.

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