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Alabama-based Rightside Media announces growth on third anniversary

Rightside Media, the parent company of the top ranked syndicated radio program Rightside Radio, announced additional growth to the company by general release earlier this week.

“Three years ago this very week Rightside introduced its brand to regional audiences. The reception has been amazing and proven the value of providing relevant, timely and entertaining conservative content.” Said former State Senator and Rightside President Phil Williams. “The latest growth is a clear indication of the impact that Rightside has been able to generate in a short amount of time.”

As an everyday event, Rightside Media reminds its listeners of the values of faith, patriotism, personal liberty, a free society, and the benefits of living in the greatest nation on earth. “Rightside Media is a daily dose of freedom!” said Williams.

Over time Rightside Media established its presence via syndicated live radio, broadcasting across multiple AM/FM stations from 2-5pm daily. The current broadcast range carries Rightside Radio from middle to north Alabama and parts of Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi. The addition of a written weekly column has now been picked up by upwards of eighteen news outlets across the region. A podcasted version of Rightside Radio has recently peaked at nearly 250,000 downloads. In April of this year the first in a line of video podcasts, “The Right Phil-osophy” was introduced.

Williams noted, “As a result of the layers of content in various communications mediums we have revised our web presence to www.rightsidemedia.org  to reflect the broad spectrum of conservative content Rightside provides to our followers. We are committed to reaching folks with conservative viewpoints that impact where they are and who they are.”

Also, effective this week is the addition of the second in a line of video podcasts. Beginning Friday, July 5th, 2024 Rightside Media will begin publishing a weekly video podcast designed to reach younger audiences. The “Right Click” podcast hosted by Byrdman will provide audiences with conservative commentary through the medium of video games and high-tech reviews.

“I’m genuinely excited for this opportunity!” said Right Click’s new host, Byrdman. “As a former competitive gamer and technology guy I see the world through the lens of my generation. But I also know that I can speak to culture using the interests, insights and innovations of my age group. This is going to awesome and I don’t think anyone else is doing what we’re doing at Rightside.”

Speaking of “Right Click”, Williams emphasized, “Byrdman is going to bring a flavor and perspective that I never could. The next generation needs to know that being conservative is a positive, upbeat way of thinking. Byrdman lives like that every day and we’re proud to have him on the team.”

Coming in the short term Rightside Media expects to announce the third and fourth installments in their video podcast lineup with similar outreach to audiences in different age groups, life circumstances, and with select interests.

“The Apostle Paul said that he became all things to all people so that he might win them all the more.” Said Williams, while paraphrasing 1 Corinthians 9:22. “He didn’t mean that the message changed. Just that he knew that he had to tailor his presentation of the same message in different ways to reach a broader audience. Some folks read, some listen, some watch, some see and hear through generational viewpoints. Rightside Media is on a mission to positively impact culture – wherever and whenever the audience is found.”

Rightside Media can be found at www.rightsidemedia.org, on 770AM, 850AM, 92.5FM, 101.1FM, on all podcasting and streaming mediums, and in news outlets across the Southeast. Rightside uses the company motto, “Solid, Conservative, and Just Plain Right!”

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