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Ainsworth’s 2024 resolutions: A real school choice bill and fighting woke policies

Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth released a list of his 2024 New Year’s resolutions. He says on top of that list at number one is a “real school choice bill so all parents are empowered to educate their children in the most effective manner.”

The 2024 legislative session is fast approaching and talk of a school choice bill has been heating up with Governor Kay Ivey announcing she’s working on a school choice expansion package, featuring, in particular, the creation of an education savings account (ESA).

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“My goal is for Alabama to be the most school choice-friendly state in the nation. I want us to have lots of school choices for our parents to choose from,” Ivey said in July. “And we’re going to be working, now already, on a bill, an ESA bill, an education savings account bill, to present the legislature next session, and I’m very optimistic that will pass.”

For Ainsworth, here’s how all those resolutions are looking:

  1. ) Pass a real school choice bill in Alabama so all parents are empowered to educate their children in the best and most effective manner.
  2. ) Pass legislation capping property tax increases resulting from annual reappraisals.
  3. ) Fight woke policies and initiatives pushed by extremist liberal groups that oppose our conservative Alabama values.
  4. ) Continue advancing my office’s successes in improving Alabama’s workforce development programs and making our state the nation’s most welcoming for active military personnel, their dependents, and veterans.
  5. ) Start a daily running and training program so I can compete in a marathon.

Grayson Everett is the state and political editor for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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