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Ainsworth: Cooperation between parties is necessary

If the state wants to move forward, politicians will need to get along, Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth said Monday in his inauguration address.

A Republican, Ainsworth said cooperation with Democrats is necessary to facilitate progress within the state going forward.

“In Montgomery, we get along with Democrats and we get along with Republicans, and we try to find out what are the best policies to put in place to make our state the best place to live,” he said.

While speaking about the economy and business, he said workforce development and guarding small business interests would be major focus points for him. Ainsworth also said he intended to renew economic incentivization for businesses throughout the state.

Education and school choice was another topic the lieutenant governor touched on.

“We must assure that the quality of education our children receive isn’t determined by the zip code in which they live,” Ainsworth said. “With the authorization and continuing expansion of charter schools and school choice across the state, we have given parents a measure of decision-making power over how their children are taught.

“But we must keep working to improve, reform and fully fund the public education opportunities that Alabama provides.”

Ainsworth then addressed a topic that motorists can identify with – traffic on Interstate 65.

“One of my goals and initiatives is to make sure that 65 is six-laned,” he said. “We have three lanes going both ways … everybody in the state’s been there when you have a wreck or you have an issue and it’s so slow.”

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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