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Ainsworth comes out swinging after Senate delays pro-life vote – ‘Abortion is murder’

MONTGOMERY — There is no questioning the strong pro-life credentials of Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth (R-AL).

After antics from Democrats on Thursday led to the Alabama Senate delaying a vote on HB 314, the bill sponsored by State Rep. Terri Collins (R-Decatur) that is aimed at getting the U.S. Supreme Court to re-examine Roe v. Wade on the basis of personhood, Ainsworth released a statement reaffirming his ardent support for the legislation.

“It is important that we pass this statewide abortion ban legislation and begin a long overdue effort to directly challenge Roe v. Wade,” Ainsworth remarked.

“Abortion is murder,” he said. “Those three simple words sum up my position on an issue that many falsely claim is a complex one.”

Ainsworth also outlined that the Trump presidency is making this effort possible.

“Now that President Donald Trump has supercharged the effort to remake the federal court system by appointing conservative jurists who will strictly interpret the Constitution, I feel confident that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn Roe and finally correct its 46-year-old mistake,” he advised.

The lieutenant governor also pointed to how the Yellowhammer State has been taking major pro-life strides.

“By ratifying a constitutional amendment declaring Alabama a pro-life state, offering generous tax incentives to families who adopt, and pushing legislation that gives a voice to the voiceless, I am proud that Alabamians are leading the nation in protecting unborn life,” Ainsworth concluded.

State Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R-Prattville) is carrying the bill in the Senate, and Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed (R-Jasper) has gone on record with his important backing of HB 314.

Sean Ross is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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