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AG Steve Marshall fights Obama-era bureaucrats to keep illegal immigrants out of census count

Last week, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall was invited to testify before Congress regarding the 2020 census and the resulting loss of representation that Alabama will face.

Marshall and Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-5) filed a lawsuit last month challenging the Census Bureau’s unlawful decision to include illegal aliens in the census. If illegal immigrants are counted for purposes of apportionment, Alabama will lose both a seat in Congress and a vote in the electoral college. The result? An unlawful distribution of congressional representation where states with more illegal immigrants hold more political power. Marshall knows the people of Alabama deserve better and was pleased to make his case to Congress.

“Alabama is set to lose one of its seven congressional seats and one of its nine electoral votes – a seat and a vote it would not lose if illegal aliens were excluded from the apportionment base. Not only would this skewed result rob the State of Alabama and its legal residents of their rightful share of representation, but it plainly undermines the rule of law. If an individual’s presence in our country is in violation of federal law, why should the states in which they reside benefit from their illegal status?”

“The irony, of course, is that illegal aliens cannot vote; therefore, they are not the ones who gain from being included in the apportionment base. In a state in which a large share of the population cannot vote, those who do vote count more than those who live in states where a larger share of population is made up of American citizens.”

While Marshall’s suit has been praised by conservative analysts, the liberal media is in hysterics over Marshall’s efforts to exclude illegal aliens from the census. Even failed U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is involved in trying to stop him from succeeding.

Rest assured, Steve Marshall is committed to protecting Alabama’s citizens and their representation on Capitol Hill. He will continue his fight against federal overreach on every front and ensure that Alabama’s voice is not stifled in Washington.

(Paid for by Steve Marshall for Alabama, P.O. Box 3537, Montgomery, AL 36109)

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