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7 Things: Tuberville warns of illegals chosen over American schoolchildren; Alabama special election results; and more…

7. Information about Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s medical issues and a long period in the hospital, without knowledge of the White House or Congress, is starting to come out. Apparently, the cause was a urinary tract infection brought about by a prostate cancer surgery, but the issue is not the illness it is the fact that no one knew.

6. Protestors blocking roads is an issue that America is dealing with more each year and normal people are sick of this but have traditionally come down on the side of giving broad latitude to protestors; but that may be changing. After BLM, Hamas simps, and even Decatur’s recent protestors decided to use the tactic to shut down, cities and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) are seeking to criminalize the act and make it a federal offense to block or plot to block roads with a penalty of 5 years in prison.

5. Ray Epps, the Jan. 6 protester who told people to go into the U.S. Capitol on tape and egged on the chaos the night before, has been sentenced to a one-year probation sentence, $500 restitution, and 100 hours of community service which is far less than prosecutors requested. The government, the media, and their Democrats strangely protected this one protestor by seeming to be disinterested in what he was clearly seen doing, this fueled the idea that he was a federal agent planted to sow chaos and this sentence will not help.

4. The battle over the content of libraries in Alabama, and elsewhere, continues as some insist that graphically sexual content must be available for children while others say we should have some standards on what content is made available by the public library. On the side of sanity, State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Baldwin County) has a bill that will make members accountable by stating that board members, “may be removed at any time by a majority vote of the appointing authority” and that will provide more local control.

3. Birmingham and other cities in Alabama are making it clear that they will not pick up your garbage if it is not in the approved can on the side of the road, which seems like an odd way to provide a public service. Taking it a step further, the city of Birmingham is telling its residents to get their act together in dealing with complaints.

2. Two special elections in Alabama on Tuesday helped decide how the Legislature will look. Soon-to-be State Sen. Wes Kitchens (R-Arab) won easily in State Senate District 9 by racking up 52% of the vote with the support of the Alabama Education Association, in a big win for them against school choice, and Republican Bryan Binmark crushed Democrat John Underwood 83-17 in the State House District 16 race.

1. Previously detained and released Illegal immigrants are being taken care of while American children are being completely screwed because the school the children attend in New York is being seized for housing illegal immigrants while kids are being forced into ineffective distance learning and U.S. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is warning that this is a test. The students will go home because the tent city they are living in is not good enough for the migrants due to a storm, so 1,900-plus migrants will be moved in for one day, disrupting school, and then moved out the next day but parents don’t believe this is temporary.


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