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7 Things: Tuberville wants Biden’s border plan; Strong endorses Trump; and more …

7. Cadillac stays parked in Auburn

  • Carnell “Cadillac” Williams, an interim coach with a 2-2 record and a love for field goals when down 20-plus in the Iron Bowl, will stay with Auburn. New Head Coach Hugh Freeze has retained Williams as an Assistant Head Coach and running backs coach.
  • Williams released a statement reading, “It has always been my desire to remain at Auburn. Last night, I was able to meet with Coach Freeze where [he] shared his core values and vision for the football program and young men he will be coaching. He is a man of faith and we share many of the same values when it comes to coaching. I am excited about his vision and plan for getting Auburn back to its winning ways, including winning championships!”

6. Alabama prison guards arrested for corruption

  • An Alabama prison captain and former lieutenant with the Alabama Department of Corrections might be joining some of their former inmates after Deaundra Leshawn Johnson and Centauria Darnise Olds were arrested on multiple charges.
  • Olds and Johnson each are facing four counts of bribery and four counts of using their position for personal gain. Olds had already been arrested on charges alleging she provided contraband in exchange for money from a convicted murderer. A warrant has been executed on their home and more charges are pending.

5. Katie Britt to help advise fellow Republicans

  • If Republicans are smart, they will start looking for more Katie Britts, Alabama’s senator-elect. So it makes sense that she is part of the Republican National Committee’s new GOP Advisory Council. The group will work to “chart a winning course for years to come,” according to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. The group will include women, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, and Arizona U.S. Senate failure Blake Masters.

  • Britt says she is ready to serve, “I’m excited to work with Chairwoman McDaniel to build upon her successes at the RNC and to bring fresh blood into our party so we can effectively share our conservative message, defend our values and liberties, and fight for the future of our country. We are the party of parents, families, and hardworking Americans.”

4. All people should be allowed to be miserable, broke, and have to explain why they aren’t home yet

  • In an effort to create an end-around on a nonexistent challenge to the Supreme Court-created same-sex marriage, the U.S. Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act with 12 Republican senators getting on board. The House will pass this bill and President Joe Biden will sign it.
  • All the bill actually does is require every state to recognize other states’ gay marriages, which already happens. With gay marriage comes gay divorces, so lawyers should be very happy to see this.

3. With Biden silent on China, DeSantis speaks up for freedom at home and abroad

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has spoken up for freedom while President Joe Biden has been silent on the issues in China and Iran and targeting an American citizen for disagreeing him and running a website he does not like.
  • On China, DeSantis said, “This CCP (China Communist Party) has a maniacal desire to exert total control over its population,” called “zero COVID” a “pretext” to control the people, and said, “I just think we need these draconian COVID policies to go to the ash heap of history where they belong.” He also slammed Apple for trying to suppress Twitter and CEO Elon Musk, calling the move a “huge, huge mistake and a really raw exercise of monopolistic power,” that should draw a congressional response.

2. Dale Strong endorses Donald Trump

  • U.S. Rep.-elect Dale Strong (R-Huntsville) has endorsed former President Donald Trump’s recently announced run for president in 2024. Strong noted Trump’s successes on the border and with the economy.

  • Strong also invited Trump to hold another rally in north Alabama, like he did in 2016, in a Facebook post, “Donald Trump has my full endorsement in his campaign for President. In the White House he closed our borders, brought back thousands of American jobs and had the economy growing like never before. I was honored to have President Trump’s endorsement in my campaign and invite him to return to north Alabama any time for another huge rally! MAGA!!”

1. Sen. Tuberville asks, “Where is Biden’s border plan?”

  • Alabama’s soon-to-be senior U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) wrote a guest opinion piece for Yellowhammer News asking what President Joe Biden is doing at the U.S./Mexico border as it is being overrun by illegal immigrants from around the globe.

  • Tuberville starts with noting, “Four million illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border since President Biden took office in January 2021 — which is almost 80% of Alabama’s total population.” He ends by suggesting President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas get to work and “do the job they signed up to do — or find someone else who can.”

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