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7 Things: Tuberville, Marshall support Trump in NYC as Cohen gives media what it wants; Ivey warns of ‘threat from Detroit’; and more …

7. Three Bob Fergusons are running for governor in the state of Washington. Attorney General Bob Ferguson addressed the state’s governor’s race following the filing of two additional Democratic candidates named Bob Ferguson, denouncing it as an “illegal scheme” aimed at confusing voters and undermining the election process. AG Ferguson, the Democrat frontrunner, says this is a plot to undermine him as a candidate, which seems pretty obvious but it isn’t illegal.

6. Tara Johnson, an ALGOP volunteer, was attacked in Limestone County while leaving the Limestone County GOP Trump campaign headquarters sustaining injuries from punches to the face and having her head slammed against her truck’s door. The Athens Police Department is investigating the incident, calling it road rage incident, and Johnson, a disabled woman and dedicated conservative worker, has received support from the Alabama Republican Party, condemning the violence and emphasizing the importance of respectful political engagement but it may not even be political violence.

5. Former President Donald Trump exited a New York courtroom with a printout of a new New York Times poll, revealing his lead in five out of six swing states and stated, “They’ve kept me here for three and a half, four weeks instead of campaigning, and yet we still have the best poll numbers.” He’s right, Trump is up in Arizona 49-42, Michigan 49-42, Georgia 49-39, Nevada 50-38, Pennsylvania 47-44, but President Joe Biden is up in Wisconsin 47-45.

4. President Joe Biden is apparently so terrified of losing the support of anti-Semites he is transitioning from thwarting Israel by refusing to give Israel weapons Congress approved to helping Hamas by withholding intelligence, which is not going over well. Biden continues to pressure Israel into not going into Rafah by telling the world he won’t tell Israel where Hamas’ leadership is if they do, this falls far short of Biden’s “ironclad” commitment to Israel and his agreement that Hamas must be destroyed after their attacks on Oct. 7.

3. “The threat from Detroit” looms as Gov. Kay Ivey addresses the importance of automotive manufacturing to Alabama’s success and pushing back against unionization efforts at the Mercedes Benz plant in Vance, which began voting yesterday. Ivey signed Senate Bill 231 to safeguard the privacy of unionization ballots, asserting Alabama’s commitment to protecting jobs and resisting external pressures from Detroit are part of this push against this effort to

2. The media got their dream headline, “Star witness Michael Cohen directly implicates Trump in testimony at hush money trial” at the 16th day of the criminal prosecution of former President Donald Trump and they claim it “heightens the legal exposure” of the former president but the criminal element part of this is lacking, still. Cohen also admitted in texts with his daughter, which worried her, he was not happy about being passed over for Chief of Staff, but Cohen reassured her that he would maintain access to Trump and monetize their relationship.

1. U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) and Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall joined former President Donald Trump in New York City to support the former president at his historic criminal prosecution where Trump’s former associate the felon, perjurer, and admitted liar Michael Cohen is the star witness. Tuberville called the case a political circus saying, “I’m proud to be in New York today to support my friend and president, Donald Trump. Americans see this case for what it is — a political circus,” and added, “the left can lie about President Trump all they want, but the American people aren’t buying it.”

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