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7 Things: Trump’s lawyer’s day in court brings surprises, Birmingham seeks to override state law, Pulitzer Prize-winning liberal news in Alabama and beyond, and more …

1. No one wins in court clash over the raid on President Trump’s lawyer’s office, home, and safe deposit box

— Trump and Michael Cohen wanted to be able to see what the Feds seized, the judge ruled against them.

— The judge also denied the prosecution’s requests to allow them to start going through the seized information, she added she views their integrity as “unimpeachable”.

2. Birmingham wants to be able to trump state law, which would have some serious consequences

— A trio of claimants made up of the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus, the NAACP, and fast-food workers, are arguing the majority-white Alabama State Legislature can not make laws that restrict majority-black Birmingham’s ability to raise their minimum wage.

— Even the lawyers are arguing that this is a tough case to make, but if they did it would set off an earthquake across the state and country for majority-black cities like Selma, Montgomery, Detroit and Atlanta.

3. The Pulitzer Prize is awarded for unproven news stories, this includes Russian collusion and Roy Moore accusations

— The New York Times and the Washington Post shared an award for “Mr. Trump’s possible ties to Russia”, while the Washington Post received one for their coverage of unproven allegations against Roy Moore.

— AL.com’s John Archibald won the award for commentary and AL.com stated it was because of how he “tends to champion common, simple Alabama values” which is, oddly enough, his main topic of derision.
4. Sean Hannity is secret client #3, but that may not mean much

— Hannity was named after President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s lawyer asserted Cohen only has had 3 clients in the last two years and a federal judge demanded to know who the 3rd client was.

— Hannity asserted on his radio program, and in a statement, that he has never paid Cohen for anything and he has never represented him in any manner.

5. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is completely fine with Alabama using the death penalty.

— Sessions said the U.S. will give Alabama custody of convicted judge murderer Walter Leroy Moody so the state can execute him.

— The lawyer for the killer argues he shouldn’t face the death penalty because the judge he killed was against it.

6. The movement to boycott Starbucks has almost completely died out, maybe the era of outrage is over

— Silly slogans like “A whole lot of racism, a whole lot of crap, Starbucks coffee is anti-black” seem to be contained to Philadelphia and social media.

— In spite of the weakness of the claims of the mob, the manager who called police “is no longer at that store”.

7. Lebron James threatened Alabama and Nick Saban; now he is being sued

— James made news when he criticized Alabama head coach Nick Saban for daring to talk to a pro football player in a barbershop. Saban eventually backed down and changed the name of his video series.

— Unfortunately for “King James”, he is now being sued by Adventure Enterprises for using the series after it was pitched to him.


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