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7 Things: Trump will not fire Mueller, Etowah County Sheriff is targeted by legislator, Clinton can’t stop the stupid, and more …

1. Sean Hannity says Trump is not going to fire Mueller, and Trump agrees

— Hannity appeared on “Fox and Friends” Monday and stated definitively that, “there’s not going to be any firing of  Mueller”, and added that Trump shouldn’t comment on the matter any further.

— The president seemed to agree, firing off a Tweet saying “@seanhannity on @foxandfriends now! Great! 8:18 A.M”.

2. State Rep. Mack Butler introduces bill to reign in Etowah County’s Sheriff’s food shenanigans

— Rep. Butler’s bill specifically targets Sheriff Todd Entrekin’s excess food money after learning he has pocketed $750,000 over the last three years.

— Current law allows sheriffs to “keep and retain” all excess monies; if this bill passes Etowah County alone will have to set aside that money for law enforcement purposes.

3. Headlines imply that Sessions may have perjured himself, reporting reads differently

— “Sources” apparently “contradict” the testimony that Sessions gave during his confirmation that he rejected the idea of reaching out to Russians during the election.

— The sources claim Sessions did not outright reject the idea instead, according to “exclusive” Reuters reporting, “It was almost like, ‘Well, thank you and let’s move on to the next person’”.

4. Self-driving car hits pedestrian, Uber shuts down self-driving car tests nationwide

— It was bound to happen, a self-driving car hits and kills a human, even though it was late at night, and we will demand they shut it all down.

— Uber will now shut down its vehicle testing for a while, then fire it back up, and continue moving forward with this inevitable technology.

5. The California college rocket team torpedoed by California’s travel ban gets a reprieve

— Originally, the Citrus College board would not allow the team to travel to Alabama because the state is on the official travel ban list after declaring the state unfriendly to LGBTQ individuals.

— Rocket Scientist and author Homer Hickam started a social media campaign to bring attention to the team’s plight, and the fact that they raised their own money to make the trip, and the school will apparently relent on Tuesday,

6. Trump keeps talking about killing drug-dealers, people can’t handle it

— As much as people wish Trump would stop talking about the death penalty for drug dealers, he spent Monday in New Hampshire declaring, “This isn’t about nice anymore”.

— The opioid epidemic has killed more than 500,000 people since 2000, Trump wants to punish the “dealer or doctor or trafficker or a manufacturer” who participates in this crisis.

7. Hillary Clinton continues to double-down on stupid

— After her comments in India about white women and why they voted against her, Clinton tried to clarify her comments without taking any blame for making them by claiming she was ultimately correct but sorry she upset anyone.

— Republican candidates will continue to use her to attack their opponents, and she continues to have more dirt revealed daily.


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