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7 Things: Trump to announce with 2024 election just 721 days away; ALGOP/AL Dems using rose- or red-colored glasses; and more …

7. “But, Kari Lake…” argument fails for Election Week fans

  • Almost one full week after voters went to the polls, the Arizona Secretary of State’s office can announce that Secretary of the State Katie Hobbs will be the next governor of Arizona.
  • Arizona has seen some of the highest inflation in the nation but the media cast this race as a race between an election denier and an incompetent – incompetence won out. Pretty fitting.

6. First student loans, now abortion

  • After the 2022 midterms, the Biden administration stopped taking student loan forgiveness applications because they know that there is no power for a president to absolve borrowers of their debts. They knew this was unconstitutional, but waited until the midterms were counted to give up on it officially.
  • Looks like the American left wing will not get one of their other promises fulfilled. President Joe Biden announced Sunday that there will be no movement to “codify” Roe v. Wade because Democrats do not have the votes to do so. Look for this to be an issue Democrats will keep using for years.

5. No Cold War with China, but is that what they have in mind?

  • While visiting Bali and meeting face-to-face with the Chinese leader, President Joe Biden tried to assure the U.S. is not looking for another Cold War. Biden said, “I absolutely believe there need not be a new Cold War.” Biden in the recent past has said he will deploy troops to protect Taiwan, but not many people believe that.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping has already told his government and citizens that Taiwan will be taken back and that the nation is on a war footing. Xi told Biden, “Suppression and containment will only strengthen the will of the Chinese people.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry continued, “Starting a trade war or a technology war, building walls and barriers, and pushing for decoupling and severing supply chains run counter to the principles of market economy and undermine international trade rules. Such attempts serve no one’s interests.”

4. Amazon cutting a bunch of jobs as Bezos says, “the economy does not look great right now”

  • With the election over, the real world is starting to show itself and job cuts are coming, they will come fast. Facebook will lay off 11,000; Amazon will axe 10,000; and Disney will do a hiring freeze, cost cuts and layoffs, as well.
  • The owner of the Washington Post and Amazon, Jeff Bezos took all of this in stride by suggesting people, “prepare for the worst,” delay big purchases and stockpile cash. Great.

3. House projected to GOP

  • House Republicans held off the media and their Democrats, cured votes and tranches of ballots to seemingly win and hang on to the House of Representatives. Even yesterday, CNN’s data analysts were suggesting there was a path to a Democrat-led U.S. House for two more years.
  • The 219-216 margin will lead to some contentious races for House leadership, reports state that U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) may not have the votes but wants Democrats to crossover – but he calls that “fan fiction.”

2. AL Democrat vice chair pretends Dems have a voice after GOP’s “red wave”

  • Democrat Vice Chairperson Tabitha Isner wants Democrats to know that they still have a voice. But it seems unlikely that that is a true statement and seems less likely to be listened to as they only secured 38.5% of the vote in the midterms. If Republicans are listening to them, why?
  • The ALGOP chairman believes the lack of a red wave nationally did wash over Alabama. Chairman John Wahl says he believes that the 43 local seats picked up in county school board races, DAs and county commissioners tell the true story. Of course, the ALGOP kept its supermajority in the Legislature, while winning every statewide election with governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general being the big prizes.

1. Trump expected to announce for 2024, as more Republicans distance themselves

  • The day the 2024 election campaign starts is finally here – Nov. 15, 2022. Former President Donald Trump will announce his run for president with $93 million in the bank and a ton of legal issues looming. An intraparty battle will go on until this campaign ends. Hooray.
  • The more-vocal Republican voters, talk radio callers and Twitter users may not be over Donald Trump, but Republican voters being polled and elected officials are. Hooray.

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