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7 Things: Trump still on the loose; Biden prepared to screw over Alabama; and more …

7. A drag show at a public school has been canceled after 3 years, even though we have been told stuff like this never happens. The vice chair of the Alabama Democrat Party dishonestly wants you to think she believes this is the same as football players dressing up as girls – a joke.

6. TikTok’s CEO had a pretty bad day on Capitol Hill as members of both parties appear to want the app banned. When asked if TikTok spied on Americans, he said, “I don’t think that spying is the right way to describe it.”

5. Foreign ownership of American farmland is becoming a hot issue as China continues to gobble it up and has increased its ownership ten-fold. Now U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) has introduced The Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act to ban the sale of farmland to entities with ties to Iran, North Korea, China, or Russia.

4. Parents Rights Bill in Congress is facing pretty strong opposition with some ignorantly calling it “fascist” and others laughably suggesting that it is Republicans who are plotting to keep sexual nonsense out of schools as if it is a bad thing.

3. Federal government employees do not need to get vaccinated anymore after a federal judge invalidated President Joe Biden’s demand that federal employees get vaccinated against COVID-19 or lose their jobs. What happens to those who lost their jobs?

2. The White House is ready to reverse a move of the Space Command to Huntsville’s Redstone Arsenal. The Washington Post‘s David Ignatius says this is to undo a political move. This is a lie and overtly political.

1. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg says he will not appear before Congress as he seems to be walking back the idea that he is going to indict former President Donald Trump and is blaming Trump himself for setting expectations that he will be indicted. If this is true, why the barricades and statements about how his office is not being intimidated?


Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 5-9 a.m. weekdays on WVNN and on Talk 99.5 from 10 a.m. to noon.

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