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7 Things: Trump says no NOKO summit, Gubernatorial race job arguments, 45 state lawmakers endorse Ivey, and more

1. President Donald Trump pulls out of North Korea summit, American media cheers, North Korea wants back in

— Trump announced the news in a letter where he both threatened nuclear war and invited North Korea back to the table after North Korea destroyed a nuke site, sat down with South Korea, and released three Americans.

— Nancy Pelosi gleefully declared Kim Jung-un as the winner, but North Korea apparently doesn’t think so, saying “We express our intent that there is a willingness to sit at any time, in any way to resolve issues.”

2. Job growth numbers are one of Gov. Kay Ivey’s message points, but Mayor Tommy Battle has a better record

— Ivey’s claim to this title is based on $6 billion in investment, 15,000 new jobs, and record low unemployment in her one year in office.

— Battle’s record goes back a decade, includes  63 percent of all jobs in the state of Alabama in that time, and 53 percent of the jobs created in the state of Alabama since Gov. Ivey has been in office, according to Battle.

3. Gov. Kay Ivey picks up endorsements from members of the state Legislature

— As we move closer to the June 5th primaries, the governor has picked up 45 endorsements, including one from State Senator Del Marsh.

— The lawmakers cited “leadership in creating jobs, putting more money back in Alabamians pockets and prioritizing conservative values.”

4. DOJ briefs Congressmen and Trump lawyer in meeting over spying allegations

— Chief of Staff John Kelly and Elmert Flood came to the room before the meeting started but did not stay, and Mitch McConnell said he learned “nothing particularly surprising.”

— Congressional Democrats say there was no evidence that supports the allegation that an intelligence agency placed a spy in the campaign, but recent attempts to define the word “spy” raises questions as to what that means.

5. Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun

— The assailant opened fire at a restaurant in Oklahoma, seemingly at random, and two individuals have been hospitalized for treatment of gunshot wounds.

— Police said, “A bystander with a pistol confronted the shooter outside the restaurant and fatally shot him.”

6. Alabama’s population shift continues; Huntsville will be largest city in 6 years

— Flight from Birmingham continues, and Mobile and Montgomery lose people as well.

— Huntsville’s population already passed Mobile in 2017 and is poised to top Birmingham by 2024.

7. NFL protests debate is back; Trump continues to benefit from it

— The political and sports media continue to aneurysm over a completely reasonable policy that puts the league in sync with its fans and the country as a whole.

— President Trump pours gasoline on the fire by suggesting those that don’t like to stand  “shouldn’t be in the country”, overreaction continues.