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7 Things: Trump ready to move on past primary; Alabama stays cold; and more …

7. Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth is doing something most politicians don’t do: endorsing in a primary early on in the race. Ainsworth threw his support behind former Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education Secretary Jeana Ross in her bid for State House District 27 saying, “I have known Jeana Ross all of my life, and her high morals, her traditional values, her commitment to her Christian faith, and her determination to improve Alabama for all of its citizens are apparent in the way she lives her daily life.”

6. The American Civil Liberties Union wants Decatur to continue to allow people to protest whenever and wherever they want, including outside the mayor’s house. The weakness of Mayor Tab Bowling and the city council continues to be an embarrassing issue for the city after the death of Steve Perkins at the hands of police after confronting a tow truck driver with a handgun.

5. Federal prosecutors found that President Joe Biden’s crackhead son was a crackhead when he was lying on background check forms and carrying guns illegally. An FBI analysis even found that there were drugs found in Hunter Biden’s “gun pouch.”

4. MSNBC decided they didn’t need to carry the winner of the GOP primaries comments live because they didn’t want to provide an “unfiltered, live platform” to former President Donald Trump. This did not sit well with Auburn’s head basketball coach Bruce Pearl who stated clearly, “This is beyond disturbing for our Democracy. This is how State run media operates quietly in dictatorships, except here they are explaining and openly justifying it! Americans should be able to hear and decide for themselves” and asked, “Do you want candidates speech monitored and censored?”

3. U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) addressed the 112,000 fentanyl overdoses America saw in 2023 and laid out a solution as part of 15 pieces of legislation she sponsored or co-sponsored. Speaking to law enforcement professionals about the border, Britt said, “We need to secure it with personnel, more personnel, physical barriers, technological barriers; we’ve got to fix the broken asylum process; we have got to stop the abuse of parole, bolster interior enforcement, execute final orders of removal, end Catch and Release, put back in Remain in Mexico – we owe it to the citizens of our great nation to secure it, and to help stop the flow of fentanyl.”

2. It was another day of cold temperatures, closed schools, bad roads, and irritated residents for all of Alabama yesterday and it will continue through the week for parts of the state. This severe weather threat seems to have been very real but not very deadly without massive power outages, and dangerous situations.

1. The clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination, former President Donald Trump, is still not going to give his opponents a spot on the debate stage with him (just like Joe Biden is doing) and now ABC News has canceled the debate. He also slammed former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who he views as his biggest opponent, as using “Democrats and liberals to infiltrate” the GOP primary while campaigning with Vivek Ramaswamy.

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