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7 Things: Trump ends DACA debate, Laura Ingraham has been bullied into submission, Sen. Doug Jones says the EPA head is out, and more …

1. President Donald Trump signals end of the DACA debate as a “Caravan of migrant families” move towards U.S. border

— The president has declared that any DACA deal is officially dead, he also called for a “nuclear option” to work on border issues.

— This is all happening as there is a massive mob of Central American illegals streaming through Mexico with no opposition from the Mexican authorities.

2. Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is bullied in to submission by a 17-year-old kid, he refuses to accept her apology

— Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg took offense to Ingraham mocking his whining about not being able to get into college and called for an advertiser boycott; it worked.

— After Ingraham apologized and announced she will be taking a week off, Hogg declared she is still a bully and that she should spend her Easter vacation reflecting.

3. AL Sen. Doug Jones states the obvious, EPA head Scott Pruitt will be the latest from the Trump administration to go 

— Speaking to reporters, Jones feels the latest scandal involving Pruitt and a lobbyist wife providing a rental to him will do him in and he is “on his way out”.

— Former Gov. Chris Christie, who was part of the early Trump transition agrees saying, “I don’t know how you survive this one, and if he has to go, it’s because he never should have been there in the first place.”

4. Sinclair Broadcasting is under-fire for all of the things he rightly claims the liberal media does

— A montage of Sinclair’s anchors from around the country reading the same script is making the rounds of social media and anchors and others have complained about the comments about “fake news”.

— Just for a bit of clarity, American media bias already exists and it’s isn’t about conservative oligarchs controlling the message.

5. The media was targeting Easter for some reason on Easter, this doesn’t happen with other holidays

— Am opinion piece at NBC.com told the story of a Christian who can’t celebrate Easter because of its ties to “white supremacy”.

— Another NBC News employee, Chuck Todd, decided to try to explain that there is nothing all that “good” about “Good Friday”.

6. London is trending towards a murder rate higher than New York’s; this is incredibly rare

— For all the talk we are hearing about how our society is plagued by rampant gun violence that no one else sees, we are ignoring that other countries are seeing an uptick in violence while America is seeing a decrease in crime.

— In February, London had more murders than New York with a total of 15 homicides and there were  22 murders in March, which should top New York’s numbers as well.

7. Charles Barkley donates $250k for African-American history education in Alabama

— The outspoken former NBA player and current television analysts says that money will assist kids in Mississippi and Alabama learn more about their culture.

— The program is about African-American History and will share African American stories in public service, sciences, academia, the arts, music, and sports.

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