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7 Things: Trump credits his rhetoric for summit, Alabama politicians applaud Trump, Montgomery Advertiser reporter tries to re-brand former Democrat in AL02 run-off, and more …

1. As the media criticizes Trump for dealing with Kim Jong Un, Trump tells Sean Hannity his strong rhetoric led to the summit

— After spending last year telling us about how Trump’s reckless behavior will get us all killed, now Trump is being too nice.

— When asked about this on “Hannity” last night, he said “I think without the rhetoric, we wouldn’t have been here.”

2. Alabama politicians support Trump policy on North Korea and applaud his summit

— Multiple Republican Congressmen supported this summit and its results, Congressmen Brooks, Byrne, and Aderholt shared their support on social media.

— Governor Kay Ivey tweeted her support, “I commend @POTUS for taking strides to bring about peace & stability on the Korean Peninsula & congratulate him for a successful meeting in Singapore. @realDonaldTrump is right in saying only the most courageous can make peace. This truly is a historic moment for the world.”

3. The Montgomery Advertiser’s Brian Lyman becomes the latest media member to try to bail out Bobby Bright as he tries to rebrand as a Republican

— This weekend the New York Times attempted to play up the Trump/Roby rift, even though Trump officials expect an endorsement before the runoff.

— Now, Lyman is attempting to spin some absurd yarn about how Bright’s vote for Nancy Pelosi “may have been the last vote he ever took with fellow members of his party,” which is obviously untrue, and it is exactly what the media tried to do to save Bright’s seat for him in 2010.

4. Primary results in five states could tell us where 2018 midterms might be going

— Democrats continue to pick up state legislative seats that Trump won; Democrats flip their 43rd Republican seat to Democrat since Trump took office.

— “It’s Trump’s Party Now!” — the media (every month since Trump announced his campaign).

5. Seattle was lauded for levying a tax on big employers; they have now backed down and rescinded the tax

— Even the liberals in Seattle realized that a high-tax on job creators will come back to bite after Amazon and Starbucks demanded they pull back their tax on employees.

— The $50 million dollar tax PER YEAR, 12.4 from Amazon alone, was to pay for affordable housing, homeless shelters and other outreach efforts.

6. Dictator Trump can’t even stop a merger between Time Warner and AT&T

— A common theme in liberal circles is that President Trump has totalitarian dictatory principles. “Comedienne” Chelsea Handler claimed yesterday that “his plan is to become a dictator and with this Republican Congress, they’ll allow it.”

— Unfortunately for Trump, he is bad at this, and the assumption (without proof) by most in the media is that Trump wanted to block the Time Warner/AT&T merger over his hatred for CNN. A judge told the DOJ they couldn’t do this and they should not appeal.

7. Tim Tebow wants no part of this anthem protesting nonsense 

— The NFL kneeling saga has never been a story where facts matter; rapper TI continued this trend when he claimed Tim Tebow kneeled during the National Anthem to protest abortion (he did not).

— Tebow responded to this lie by saying the claim had “zero truth” and that he “never did anything during a national anthem but stand and support my country,” according to Fox News, which further proves that most people view the anthem protests as attacks on the country.

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