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7 Things: Trump believes he ‘roped’ Biden into debate; Birmingham, Montgomery crime issues continue; and more …

7. A new report by the House Committee on the Judiciary, Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence found that the misinformation declaring Hunter Biden’s laptop a Russian plot by 51 signatories of a letter was approved by the agency with the knowledge of leadership, including then acting-Director Gina Haspel. Inside the agency, as they were reviewing media talking points, there were concerns about the lie, the classified information that they were using, and the fact that the the letter itself, “had the hallmarks of an intelligence community influence operation.”
6. The Lee County School District in Alabama is offering out-of-district students the chance to attend their public schools for a fee of $7,000, each believing they have a quality product that parents will gladly pay for. This school choice option leverages the CHOOSE Act of 2024, which provides education savings accounts of up to $7,000 per child for eligible educational expenses, potentially covering tuition for public schools starting in 2025.
5. Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Randy Kelley has accused the Biden campaign of hand-picking the state’s delegates for the Democratic National Convention bypassing Alabama Democrats’ inept leadership and the pathetic clowns, so they are calling it racism, as they must. Kelley argues the racist Biden team is preventing black voters in Alabama from electing their preferred delegates to the national convention in a direct attempt to disenfranchise the black majority within the state’s Democratic voting base. 
4. Alabama A&M University made a second offer of $65.5 million to purchase Birmingham-Southern College, including $35.5 million in cash and $30 million for maintenance, aiming to clear all of BSC’s outstanding debt. This increased offer was made just before Miles College signed a letter of intent to negotiate with BSC, creating an exclusive window for reaching an agreement; it appears the campus will continue serving as an educational institution.
3. While the mayor of Birmingham is promoting racism from 1967 on social media, a man was fatally shot by Birmingham police after he pulled out a knife during a confrontation, according to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. The incident is under investigation, highlighting ongoing concerns about police use of force and public safety, with Chief Scott Thurmond responding to inquiries about a gun with an odd statement, “That is one thing we are looking into. There is a possibility that is the case – it is one of the things that we have heard so far.”
2. Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed has appointed Jim Grayboys as interim police chief in response to escalating crime rates in the city and, more importantly, increased media attention. In the last week there has been a mass shooting at a 1,000 person party and shots fired into the seventh story of the Retirement Systems of Alabama building near the state Capitol.
1. Former President Donald Trump appears ready to go for the debate with President Joe Biden and CNN’s partisan debate moderators. But he seems to think he may need to put in a better performance than the past with a lowered temperature and with less interrupting. Interestingly, Trump thinks he conned Biden into this debate, saying the offer they gave was meant to give Biden an argument to say Trump wouldn’t debate him. “They knew I wouldn’t accept that because it was CNN, Dana Bash, Jake Tapper, and I like an audience and probably he doesn’t, who knows? So they thought they would present it, I would say no, and they would say we can’t debate because Trump said no. So I said yes before they even gave me the terms. So he got roped into it.”
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