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7 Things: Transgender employee moves at Space & Rocket Center; Biden tries to ruin Easter; and more …

7. Some federal government employees don’t want to go back to work, not that anyone could blame them, but the orders are clear and their employers want them back in the office, so members of the American Federation of Government Employees rallied in-person, urging the department to maintain the telework policy established during the pandemic. Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and U.S. Rep. C. Scott Franklin (R-Fla) slammed the workers for showing up for the protest in person while the public: “If your employees can show up to the office to protest, they can show up to the office to work.”

6. Alabama makes it to the Final Four for the first time ever following an 89-82 win over No. 6 Clemson despite trailing by 13 points in the first half. Head Coach Nate Oats ripped Auburn legend Charles Barkley, “Charles Barkley called us frail. I don’t think [Grant Nelson] was frail tonight.”

5. The Baltimore bridge collapse’s economic impact will will be huge, with estimates by state and federal officials that the closure of the port could incur economic losses of up to $15 million per day, with the insurance sector expected to take various hits, and some claiming it could reach up to $3 billion with damage to the bridge, liability claims, and disruptions to businesses due to the port closure. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore highlighted how this will impact other parts of the country, “This is impacting the farmer in Kentucky. It’s impacting the auto dealer in Ohio. It’s impacting the restaurants in Louisiana and in Tennessee. This is impacting the entire country.”

4. Last week, Mayor Randall Woodfin of Birmingham took some heat for dismissing his constituents on Facebook and then he was criticized for telling parents to rein-in their kids and took that criticism in stride, “If urging adults to keep their own children safe is ‘berating parents,’ well, I’m going to keep berating parents.” Over the weekend, the city was allegedly going to see a “Birmingham Last Weekend Spring Break Take Over 3 Moves in 2 Days” and the mayor wanted to shut this mess down before it got out of hand, but there is no evidence this event actually took place.

3. State Rep. Marilyn Lands (D-Huntsville) is overplaying her hand by appearing all over the national media because she is a pro-choice Democrat who won in Alabama, once. Lands’ newfound attention, and her Doug Jones-like desire to consume it, has led to her firing up a Political Action Committee to focus on state an local elections and she is urging people from outside the state to head to RespectAlabama2026.com and give the group money.

2. President Joe Biden angers many by ruining Easter with his administration’s absurd need to celebrate the completely made-up “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday with many comparing how much attention the White House gave the day of visibility as opposed to how they treated Easter. Fox News Digital compiled a detailed list of LGBT-focused holidays celebrated annually, with some recognized by the White House which they say includes 3 months and 28 different days, some say it is higher.

1. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center announced Friday the conclusion of an investigation initiated by a parent’s social media post concerning a transgender employee. The investigation revealed “no evidence of inappropriate behavior or malfeasance” between any Space Camp staff and student campers. Nevertheless, the employee has been reassigned to a different position within the center, according to an official statement.

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