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7 Things: Primary election day is here, Manafort may be in big trouble, don’t bake the cake, and more

1. Primary election day is here in Alabama; biggest races to watch are for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General

— Sample ballots can be found on the Secretary of State’s website, a ballot I filled out can be found on my Facebook page.

— Remember: 25-30 percent turnout is expected and crossover voting rules are in effect, the party primary you choose today is where you have to vote in the run-off.

2. The president’s former campaign manager appears to be headed to jail for witness tampering

—  Special Counsel Robert Mueller says Paul Manafort attempted to tamper with potential witnesses. This is on top of allegations from money-laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent to bank and tax fraud. He has pleaded not guilty.

— The rampant speculation is that President Trump knows about this stuff and that is why he is talking about pardons.

3. The “JUST BAKE THE CAKE” argument loses at the Supreme Court

— The case caused years of controversy after a local baker was fined by “The Civil Rights Commission” in Oregon, but the case may not be the precedent setter that religious freedom advocates wanted.

— Remember rulings like this when people talk about how Merrick Garland should be on the bench.

4. Trump administration continues to try to clean up a mess they made for no reason

— Rudy Giuliani admitted Trump and his administration have been lying for a year about who knew what about the Don Jr. Russia meeting. Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn’t even try to explain her false statements.

— What should have been the story was the success of the first 500 days of Trump’s presidency: jobs, economy, illegal immigration, Gorsuch, and more.

5. Trump says he can pardon himself, White House says he is not above the law

— This morning the president continued to make himself look guilty of something by saying he can pardon himself on Twitter, but adds he has done nothing wrong.

— Sanders told the White House press corps that “no one is above the law”, adding the president “has not done anything wrong.”

6. Trump cancels the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles trip to the White House

— The cancellation comes after most players and coaches were going to boycott the appearance over the president’s agreement with a new NFL policy. Fewer than 10 members of the team were going to come.

— Instead of the Eagles, the White House will be hosting a “celebration of America” which will include a performance of the anthem.

7. Media pulls the knives out on Bill Clinton; the era of the Clintons is over

— Clinton had a disastrous interview on “Today” where he said he did not owe Monica Lewinsky a private apology, that the ordeal cost him $16 million dollars, and that he would have done nothing differently.

— Somehow Clinton suggested that Trump “hasn’t gotten anything like the coverage that you would expect,” which everyone knows is absurd.

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