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7 Things: Orange Biden bad; Tuberville says immunity ruling ‘big win for America;’ and more …

7. The United Auto Workers union admitted to unauthorized use of the University of Alabama and Auburn University trademarks in their campaign to organize Mercedes-Benz plant workers in Vance. The campaign, which failed in May, included t-shirts and advertisements improperly claiming affiliation with the universities. The universities issued  cease and desist letters, and former Alabama football coach Nick Saban denounced the use of his likeness. The UAW agreed to destroy the infringing materials and admitted neither university endorsed their campaign.
6. The Birmingham Public Safety Advisory Committee, a citizens review group in Birmingham aimed at providing independent oversight of police misconduct, has reviewed only three cases in three years, with only one proceeding without dismissal and they have no ability to review bodycam footage. But the gripe of some members, and the media, is that no one cares with few cases reported and minimal attendance at meetings despite efforts to promote the committee leading to a conclusion that this group is searching for a problem that may not exist.
5. Longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon was taken into custody Monday at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn., to begin his four-month sentence for contempt charges after defying a subpoena in the congressional investigation into the U.S. Capitol riot, as Democrats complain about what President Donald Trump MIGHT do if elected. Upon surrendering, Bannon called himself a “political prisoner,” stated former President Trump was “very supportive” of him, and criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice while crowds chanted to “Lock Him Up!”
4. Two of Alabama’s Democrat mayors have taken different views on the disastrously terrible debate performance of President Joe Biden with Tuscaloosa’s Mayor Walt Maddox argued it was a “disaster” that can not be forgotten while Montgomery Mayor’s Steven Reed declared that it was no big deal. Reed’s ability to look away from a horror show has been honed as the mayor’s refusal to deal with the crime in Alabama’s capital city and he believes the debate style caused the problem.

3. For months, voters have expressed doubts about President Joe Biden’s cognitive health, and following his debate with former President Trump, an increasing number of voters (72%), including nearly half of his own party, believe he should not run for president. But the alarms are going off, with Gov. Megan Whitmer of Michigan reportedly saying Michigan is no longer winnable before groveling that she fully supports Biden staying in the race.

2. The Supreme Court ruled that presidential immunity exists for official acts committed by a president while they are in office, they laid out instances where the cases President Donald Trump could be immune from prosecution regarding his official duties. The response to this ruling ranged from a Supreme Court justice sounds insane, members of Congress, and pundits calling for military attacks on the court and Trump himself to U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) saying the ruling was “a big win for the Constitution” and should lead to an end to the end “witch hunt” against President Donald Trump.

1. A very orange President Joe Biden talked about the alleged unlimited power of the presidency, and how he would never abuse it, as he attacked the Supreme Court and called for his opponent to be tried and convicted before the election. The reporters then asked him if he was going to step down which he did not answer and then the talking heads talked about how well the President of the United States read a prepared speech from a teleprompter and then refuse questions.

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