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7 Things: No one knows what Alabama’s Gov. Ivey proposed for school safety, tariffs for everyone, liberal hypocrisy, and more

1. No one in Alabama politics is actually paying attention to what Gov. Kay Ivey is doing on school safety, which is … almost nothing

— Democrat front-runner Walt Maddox seems to think Ivey wants to arm teachers, which is not true. He “… believes arming teachers and administrators is an insane idea,” a campaign spokesman told Al.com.

— State Rep. Chris England believes the plan is illegal, because “You can’t convert an administrator, who was not hired as security, and make them security no matter how much training.” That’s not what the law says.

2. Tariffs and retaliatory tariffs forever, foreign cars may be banned too

— Trump has officially put tariffs on the European Union, Canada and Mexico; the response was the European Union and Mexico threatening tariffs.

— In a bizarre move,  Trump wants a ban on German vehicles until no Mercedes-Benzes are seen on Fifth Avenue, according to The Hill.

3. President Donald Trump is considering some pardons, like everything else, this is apparently obstruction of justice

— Trump offered a pardon to Dinesh D’Souza, and may also pardon insider-trader Martha Stewart and a dirt governor, Rod Blagojevich.

— The speculation that these are all massive conspiracies to signal Trump will pardon anyone convicted are not new in the media, but they are based on nothing because he has the power.

4. As Trump endorses Brooks in AL-05, Trump’s shadow looms over AL-02 as well

— Brooks is currently running radio and TV ads about the endorsement. Most think this seals the race in his favor, but no one thought the race was in doubt.

— Congresswoman Roby has a tougher road ahead, her comments against the president were pointed (accurate) and not policy based; he offered her no such endorsement yet.

5. Looks like PSC Commission candidate Jim Bonner is officially done

— The ALGOP finally pulled the trigger and declared that they will not certify the votes cast for the embattled candidate.

— His radio interviews and social media posts showed him to be a completely unhinged and deranged individual — his racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism were only part of the puzzle.

6. Another day, another liberal hypocrisy: Samantha Bee gets away with it, Trump jumps in

— Another blog post from MSNBC’s Joy Reid has surfaced referencing Sen. John McCain as a mass shooter 24 hours after yet another one declared 9/11 an inside job.

— This comes on the heel of Roseanne’s firing for her tweet: Bee called Ivanka Trump the c-word, TBS accepted the apology, and Bee received an award for social activism.

7. Trump’s former attorney was nasty to a reporter that was covering a false story

— Michael Cohen was a jerk to a reporter writing a story about a rape claim that Trump’s ex-wife ended up backing away from. This is apparently a scandal, or more likely, just a reason to repeat the claim in the media.

— Rahm Emanuel who behaved the same way is still a media darling, but he is a Democrat and … Democrats got it good.