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7 Things: NK is ‘no longer a Nuclear Threat’, let’s keep pretending there might be a Gubernatorial debate, Alabama loves Trump, and more …

1. President Trump declares North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat; anger at this is odd

— Trump has offered up some, probably premature, words, tweeting that North Korea was “no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea”, also saying “everybody can now feel much safer”, but there are no concrete plans yet.

— 54 percent of Americans say they approve of how President Trump was handling North Korea (before the summit), 51 percent approved afterwards, which is astonishing considering how it has been covered and now the media is whining about being called “fake news“.

2. Walt Maddox still wants to debate Gov. Kay Ivey, but it still probably won’t happen

— For the second time in two weeks, and not the last time, Alabama’s media will promote a debate that will probably never happen. There is no evidence this will hurt her.

— This will not happen in spite of the governor’s campaign saying, “There will be plenty of time for these discussions.” She did not debate her GOP rivals and she crushed them.

3. No surprise, Alabama loves Trump

— You want to find like-minded Trump lovers? Come to Alabama. Sixty-three percent of Alabama voters approve of Trump’s performance and only Wyoming and West Virginia are close to that with 62 percent.

— But not everyone is pumped about the president here, with 33 percent of Alabamians disapproving of the president. This does not bode well for Democrats in Alabama who are lining up with the anti-Trump movement.

4. Michael Cohen may flip, or not, or maybe he needs to pay the his bills, no one knows

— Rampant speculation on cable news that Michael Cohen is cooperating with Mueller is always followed by a caveat that the reporters and anchors have no idea and that Cohen “had not yet met with prosecutors.”

— The stories still make it to air and print, even though there are other reports that this is a matter of legal fees being too high. It also ignores that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein told President Trump that Cohen’s legal issues have nothing to do with him.

5. No, tariffs will not stop Huntsville’s new Toyota-Mazda plant

— Trump’s steel tariffs will undoubtedly cause the cost of auto production to increase, including in Alabama, but experts do not expect the tariffs to impact the new plant.

— Alan Baum, an independent auto analyst, believes that the talk of tariffs could impact the overall bottom line of the plant but the plant would go forward. He also notes all Mazda vehicles will be subject to the tariff until the plant is built.

6. As Trump attempts to change the world, the UN shows why they can never get anything done

— A mob of angry Palestinians, and a terrorist organization, gathered at a border fence, threw rocks, lit kites on fire and attacked a fence, and when they were killed the U.N. blamed the Israelis.

— Some at the U.N. wanted to condemn Hamas, but that was a bridge too far, so Israeli’s ambassador calls out the body telling them, “By supporting this resolution you are colluding with a terrorist organization, by supporting this resolution you are empowering Hamas.”

7. Congress dumps the moderates immigration gambit and goes with Trump’s plan instead 

— The moderates were close to forcing a vote on the issue, which would have put a proposal on the floor that would include permanent amnesty and some border security.

— Speaker Paul Ryan’s includes temporary amnesty for Dreamers, border security which includes $25 billion for the wall, an end to the current diversity visa lottery system, and limits on family-based migration, known as chain migration.

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